Thursday, August 9, 2007

Howard Beach paper rips Pinky a new one

Editorial from The Forum

The charges against Council Member Dennis Gallagher are the most serious ever brought against a sitting member in the history of the NYC Council. Accused of raping a woman he met at a bar across the street from his own house, Gallagher is alleged to have offered the woman a ride home. He is accused of bringing her to his campaign office instead, where he allegedly sexually assaulted and beat her brutally.

Despite the indictment and the severity of the charges against him, Gallagher maintains that he is not a rapist. What he does admit is that he engaged in a sexual act, in his office — claiming of course, that it was consensual.

That act, be it of consent or not, needs neither trial nor jury to be judged. It is clearly not one that describes or supports any case for effective representation by an elected official. What it offers instead is a statement of moral bankruptcy.

The meeting took place across the street from the home he shares with his wife and two children. The act he describes as consensual, took place in his campaign office - paid for by the people who elected him and who believed in him.

During the time that Gallagher campaigned for his seat and since winning it, he has held on tightly to the Conservative/ Republican “value package” that represents him as a principled man - family and community superseding all else. But that veil of ethics has been lifted in the days since the reports of the attack.

A former staffer, who, according to sources, has spoken with the Department of Investigation, alleges that Gallagher regularly used his council office employees for campaign purposes. Yet another - a former office volunteer - alleges that he sexually harassed her. Then there is the Juniper Civic Association that represents 1700 families in Maspeth and Middle Village, who fell under Gallagher’s “attack” when they voiced concerns over the manner in which he was representing them. According to the Civic, Gallagher went so far as to use his City Council stationery to mail and distribute derogatory letters about their volunteer organization.

While these “charges” are not to be compared with those levied against the councilman in the indictment, they are certainly indicative of a significant lack of the sterling character and moral platform Gallagher purports himself to possess.

An editorial in The Daily News recently called for Gallagher to resign. While that proposal is one to be applauded, we cannot fail to recognize what a shame it is that Gallagher would be allowed to imitate a noble gesture by stepping down. Our preference would be to see him ousted by the very constituency that put him into office, however that is not realistic.

Equally as unfortunate in this case, are the term limits that prohibit him from running in the next election, should he slither out of a conviction. The same wounded constituency will not be able to denounce him at the polls. They must rely on justice to vindicate them and the magnitude of the disgrace that Dennis Gallagher has brought to their community.

In a 2001 campaign piece on family values, Dennis Gallagher spoke about himself; “My parents taught me the values I have today: to put my family, neighbors and community first; that honesty and hard work are rewarded; that education is the great equalizer in our society. I have never forgotten what my parents taught me and I never will.”

Perhaps if there were to be a campaign now, six years later, the same piece would be amended as follows:

“My parents worked hard to instill values in me. I chose to throw them into the gutter. I have dishonored my marriage and my family and disrespected my neighbors and my community. Vote for someone else.”


Anonymous said...

What a great editorial! It's the first one that really captures the issue and the lack of character in Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

Haaa Haa ! GREAT
Its now official - - Pinky is loosing support from Queens' "good old boys"

Anonymous said...

I am a JPCA member, and I received one of those letters in the mail from Gallagher. I didn't really take it seriously, but what I want to know is - how did he get my address? Did he mail these to everyone in his district (wasting a ton of taxpayer money), or did he get ahold of JPCA's membership list (illegally)?

This act alone should be grounds for removal from public office.

Anonymous said...

"removal from public office"

In Gallagher's case, it is more like a pubic office.

Anonymous said...

1010WINS: "All the News all the time"

QUEENSCRAP: "All Gallagher all the time"

Anonymous said...

I am confused. I know Gallagher has been pulled off the City Councel's Committees but what about as our Councilman. Is he still working or not?
If I am not mistaken, Metropolitan Avenue was suppose to be made to look beautiful and it looks like crap! They have not put any decorative lighting nor have they removed the meters like they were suppose to. If Dennis was on the job, he would be doing something about this horrible job. I heard it was his baby. His office is right there. He has to see the bad job that is being done. Serf Maltese seems to care just about Eliott extra funds for the heart of Middle Village. Oh I forgot he lives near Eliott! No wonder!

Come one Serf show us that you care about this important strip. Step up......we don't have anyone else to turn to. Help us do something to make Metro beautiful. We would really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

If the city council, indeed, has a backbone,
they would censure Gallagher
and demand his resignation on the grounds
that he can no longer perform his duties as the representative of his district.

In another country, a vote of no confidence
would have already been cast
and a special election would be well underway
to facilitate Gallagher's removal from office.

Shame upon shame will be added if
the speaker of the city council fails to
at least acknowledge the necessity of acting
accordingly in this sordid matter.

Gallagher may under statutory provisions remain
innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,
but the reality of his inability
to give full focus to his job as a councilman
looms high in the sky over over city hall.

Good government begins with the governing body of this city taking responsibility.

It's citizens await constructive action.

forgotten astoria said...

Vallone is saying good things about Gallagher because the two have a bunch of things on each other.

Taxpayer said...

Here's a simple test.

If a constituent needs a pile of garbage removed, or some persistent illegal parking handled, or noise complaints handled, or motorcycles speeding and roaring through the streets to be stopped, could that constituent approach and count on Gallagher to involve himself in the problem and stick to the issue until it is entirely resolved?

These are just a few of the everyday problems that constituents face daily throughout the district.

(A) Has Gallagher performed well until now in handling constituents complaints during his years on our payroll? Be specific.

(B) Now that Gallagher will be concentrating entirely on his own problems from now on, will he place a higher priority on a constituent's complaints about parking, etc., than on his own private problem? Hint: What public official - elected or appointed - wants to share a photo-op with Gallagher regarding the handling of some constituent problem? What officials will take his calls? Be specific.

He has no committee assignments, no authority. He's like a junk bond; he's basically worthless. We dump junk bonds. Why any delay dumping this worthless, ineffective, non-representative?

Ragusa? Maltese? Quinn? Where are you? Cat got your tongues?

Speak up like you actually have backbone and dump this guy!

Julie said...

No Taxpayer, you know that Pinky will continue to do the same lame job of representing district 30 as he did before. Lobbyists and developers still have extra cash to throw his way, and he has to pay his brother the bail money back.

Anonymous said...

1010WINS: "All the News all the time"

QUEENSCRAP: "All Gallagher all the time"

Yeah, it's sounding like a broken record. I actually don't mind the QC posts, but the 27 childish replies in all of them are getting old. I can appreciate constructive comments (or in this case, destructive to pinko's career).

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, how many pols are charged with RAPE? This deserves all the coverage it is getting and then some. About time someone actually reported on what a lying hypocrite this pink dude is!

Anonymous said...

First things first. Senator Maltese has more areas to cover than Middle Village. He is the only elected official in our area that almost always has staff members at civic meetings or events in the community. When he is not required to be in Albany (with a career 100% perfect attendebce) he is out in the community. Go to these meetings and see that other officials don't even have a rep there.

Secondly, Senator Maltese does not have the power to have Councilman Gallagher to be removed from office.

Anonymous said...

1010 WINS plays commercials all the time, not news. The only reason I ever put this station on is when I am looking to set my clock.

Queens Crapper said...

Before Pinky allegedly committed his offense, my hits were around 1500 per day. They've since doubled. I would like to thank Councilman Dennis Gallagher for his moral imprudence, which in turn has caused my hits to spike.

Tiny Toon said...

Beware of Dennis the Menace
He's a bundle of dynamite
Oh the things he says and the things he does
Will make you shake with fright.

Beware of Dennis the Menace
Oh you'd better be on your toes
Cause there's bound to be a calamity
No matter where he goes.

Anonymous said...

"He is the only elected official in our area that almost always has staff members at civic meetings or events in the community."

When was the last time anyone saw Serf actually show up in person at a civic meeting?

westernqueensland said...

Bravo Howard Beach Paper. Fresh and refreshing.

Anonymous said...

I almost feel sorry for Stephen Mahler. He has a real fool for a client.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I saw Senator Maltese at the Community Board #5 meeting last night.

Anonymous said...

Was he awake?

Anonymous said...

This guy should move to Florida, change his name, and get a job in a trailer park.

He doesn't seem to have much of a future here.

Anonymous said...

With over 200 bills passed into law and ninteen yaers of perfect attendance anybody who doesn't think Senator Maltese works hard on behalf of his constituents is just being ignorant

Anonymous said...

Serf is a bit self-serving. 74th Street going south from the LIE between Caldwell and Eliott is a one way because he lives or lived on that block. It makes no sense to have to turn onto Caldwell, go to 71st and make a left to get onto Eliott. It would be so much easier to go straight through.

He also allocated a great deal of money for the beautification of Eliott Ave. between the cemeteries. I agree something had to be done to make it safe but does it need decorative lighting? Who really cares about how that stretch looks as long as it is safe. The lighting could be used where it can be appreciated. Where people walk and shop.

Jennifer said...

"Anonymous said... Serf is a bit self-serving."

Aren't they all.

Anonymous said...

Serf Maltese brings back over 1.5 million for a project in his ditrcit that will make a dangerous street safe. If that is self serving we all should be that way

Anonymous said...

1.5 Million for a passway through cemeteries. Come on!

I think there are other areas in his district in need.