Thursday, August 9, 2007

Brooklyn's turn to lose some juice


August 9, 2007 -- Electrical cables serving a big part of Brooklyn's power grid failed yesterday, forcing Con Ed to beg people to switch off their air conditioners in the sweltering 95-degree heat.

The company asked 87,000 people in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant west of Throop Avenue, to turn off "non-essential" appliances, "especially air conditioners."

The problems led Con Ed to reduce voltage not just in those areas, but also in Prospect Heights and Park Slope.

Interesting the neighborhoods this happened in.


Anonymous said...

Wonder what Marty Mark will have to say? It's always entertaining to hear him interviewed. He's funny, likeable, and down to earth, which doesn't seem to be an act.

Anonymous said...

Except when you disagree with him on Atlantic Yards, which no doubt will put a bigger strain on the power grid. Then he curses you out and tosses you off the community board.

Anonymous said...

Gee, yet more neighborhoods slated for massive overdevelopment.

And not a peep from Michael, and Peter and Eric.

Maybe they are playing softball with a pick-up team of Con Ed.

For the record: trucks still all over the streets of western Queens (in a job that should have been finished in Feb) and not a peep from the community (except, of course, to repeat back to the media what they have been told)

A bunch of sheep.

Anonymous said...

If you learn to listen very carefully
and train your ears to become aware
of the tones that your fan and air conditioner
motors normally produce....

you'll be able to detect when
a different sound occurs
indicating that there has been a reduction
in line voltage.
(This can curtail the life of some of your appliances).

Con Ed has actually been cutting the juice and deliberately creating "brownouts" during peak consumption hours all over the city.

If you happen to have a volt meter , I think you can check your electrical outlets to see if you're getting full (110V 60cycles.... I believe) power
or you're being conned by Con Ed
into paying the full price for a partial load!

H-m-m-m ....wouldn't that be considered "theft of services"on the part of Con Ed?

Anonymous said...

My ac is as noicy as a jet engine. I've become hard of hearing, as a result. So I probably wouldn't be able to detect any change in sound if there were one.

Anonymous said...

Water in the subway tunnels....the system shuts down....
loss of electrical power ....steam explosions....

Euro money hungrily buying and overbuilding.... while paying no mind to our overly strained resources.

Our antique infrastructure
combined with ill thought development
is putting our city in peril !

What comes next....
the 7 plagues of Egypt....Mr. De Mille?