Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Congressional husband disses council-seeking wife

This is a bit strange:

The wife of a powerful Queens congressman says she's running for a local City Council seat - even though her husband is backing her opponent.

Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-St. Albans) has made it clear he is supporting his congressional aide, Brian Simon, for the seat being vacated by Leroy Comrie, his wife told the Daily News.

But that's not stopping her.

Till election do us part!

"I'm running," said Simone-Marie Meeks, 46. "It's a done deal. I have declared to run, I have a committee and I am getting ready to raise money."

Hey Simone-Marie: dump him.


Anonymous said...

There's loyalty for you.

Anonymous said...

Politics does indeed make strange bed fellows.....
but my money's on hubby not gettin' any tonight !

He ain't even gonna be in bed.

Make up the couch Greg!

Anonymous said...

Instead of placing their hands on bibles when being sworn in to office politicians should place their hands on comic books since they usually go on to show that they treat their vow to serve the public as a complete joke.

Anonymous said...

So the choice for eastern Queens voters will be between a political dynasty candidate or a party machine candidate. Maybe a token GOP candidate.

Unfortunately, many African-American voters would rather elect an unknown with a (D) next to its name than a serious Independent or Republican. They are the most partisan of all the voters.

georgetheatheist said...

They would rather vote for an unknown with a D next to his/her name because Maltese, the former GOP Chair, wrote off the African-American community (as well as the Hispanics and Asians)...Are you listening Ragusa? These are fertile fields for Republican plowing.