Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aqueduct flea market is 30 years running

The Aqueduct Flea Market has been operating in Ozone Park, Queens, for the past 30 years. It is the largest three-day-a-week flea market on the East Coast. It takes place every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., rain or shine.

The granddad of all flea markets

"The flea market is considered an institution in Ozone Park — many of the residents come to shop every market day," De Santo continued. "We also provide free admission to many charitable organizations, as well as offer assistance to any local charities [schools, veterans, Boy/Girl Scouts]."

Photo from Daily News


Tony C said...

I don't mean to crap on anyone's parade...

I was at the flea market this past Tuesday a spotted more "bads" than "goods". I have not been to the Aqueduct Flea market in quite a while.

1. 100's of illegal "knock-off" designer handbags
2. 100's of illegal "knock-off" men/womens' colognes/perfume
3. Fake nike (and other) sports products - cloths and sunglasses
4. Very poorly (made in China) made toys. I bet there made with lead paint (I'm not positive - and I'm not willing to find out).
5. Medicines such as aspirin, cold remedies..etc from Rite Aid and other pharmacies. Are these fire-sale, expired, regulated, legal?
5. Illegal DVD movies

Don't get me wrong- there are some good vendors with really nice items - and great deals. I have to say I am somewhat disappointed.

Anonymous said...

There are still some good vendors with really nice items and great deals.
You have to walk around the flea market to find them.
The biggest problem at Aqueduct is that the venders selling legal goods and paying taxes and have insurance on ther vehicles, have to compete with all the illegals,and I do mean illegals,
selling garbage

Anonymous said...

For those folks who gripe about the illegal this or that which have been selling at the flea market, realize this: There are foreign tourists who seem to flock to Chinatown to buy the same so-called knock-offs. If you feel that indignant that you dont like this why dont you spend your money somewhere else. I have been going to the flea market since I was 7. And I have gotten some pretty good deals on clothes, toys, etc. The thing is, you need to look because there are some decent stuff getting sold. I can tell you its better than the crap that gets sold in the Village Flea Markets, or the one in Fort Greene where they really used crap at that in abundance. Where do you expect folks who cant afford name brand to shop?

Anonymous said...

The flea market might be a great place for people to get cheap items, but it is a nuisance for residents. People who go the flea market do not respect your property. They leave their garbage in front of your house and let their kids run all over your lawn. They take up all the parking spaces and traffic increases 10-fold on the weekend. I, for one, can't wait to see it go. Let them go out to Belmont Racetrack.