Sunday, April 8, 2007

You be the judge

This vacant piece of land in Rochdale is about to be developed. The Rochdale Village sold it for $80 million, all of which will be reinvested into their co-op community. As you can see, it was and is a completely vacant piece of land - no trees, no homes, nothing.

Here's a schematic of what the new development will look like:
It contains a 20-story co-op building, sixty 2- and 3-family homes, and and 8-story senior rental building. Parking seems to be adequate and a new street will be built to access the homes closest to the railroad.

The developer is including things such as street trees and interesting architectural details not found on most new construction. In other words, these won't be boring, boxy pieces of crap. Railroad Park is down the street, so there is green space available, as is the LIRR, providing public transportation.

Here is the website for the project: Locust Manor

Is this well-planned development? Ponder, decide and then post your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

A vast improvement. Being so close to the LIRR is a great idea. Not so sure about a 20-story building, though...

Anonymous said...

Will it have the wonderful FEDDERS A/C units?

Anonymous said...

The plans don't seem to indicate Fedders units. Maybe they'll be hidden in the back or they'll have central A/C.

Anonymous said...

It deosn't matter if it is nice or not. You and I are still stuck with the infrastrucure costs.

The borough's population is not adequately served by city services as it currently is.

You never have too much parkland.

Zero population growth!

FH Guy said...

QC, I'm glad to see that you are trying to add some more positive views of residential development to your blog. While you are not taking a position for or against this development, it is clear from some of your comments that you are not pre-judging it for your readers and are letting the readers decide for themselves.

Good work QC.

Anonymous said...

This is the best thing that could happen to our area. The architects should be applauded!!! Good design guys.