Friday, April 6, 2007

Schenkler's take on the 2009 Beep race

Remember when QC featured Mike Schenkler's take on where the councilmembers will be in 2009?

Well, now he's handicapping the Boro Prez's race:

Beep, Beep, Make Way For 2009

I'll take either of the two empty spaces above.

Photo from Queens Tribune


hooper said...

"I have not researched or made phone calls to verify my presentation. I’m relying on rumor, emails and calls to me, hunch and common sense. I have enough confidence in my political savvy that I can prognosticate without verifying"

So, Mike, you're saying that this shouldn't be taken seriously since it's just your own personal diarrhea, right? Well, thanks for the heads-up.

We have as much confidence in your political savvy as we do in your objective journalim. FLUSH!!

Joe in Manhasset said...

Haa Haa LOL :)
All those photos look like the "Pack of Weasels" playing cards our troops in Iraq use !!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Mike cleared so much up for me in this article. For instance, I never knew that Leroy Comrie was black. Talk about political savvy.

Anonymous said...

Mike, please stop! You actually make me hate the idea of free press a little. Not only don't you know how to use the word pragmatism, but you went on for what must have been 1500 words about nothing! Nothing! There was not one constructive or honest comment! Nothing! AAAH! Stop!!!

mike d said...

So let's start calling and emailing this butt-wipe whatever rumors we want via email. Sounds like he'll publish them.

What a jackass!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Schenkler has posted quite a rogues gallery. He ought to include himself as an A#1 Ackerman ass-wipe!

Weakly Newspapers said...

Schenkler is a vile political ass-kissing dirty old man. His newspaper singlehandedly manages to lower the standards of the Queens weekly rags. Although he is one step better than Steve Blank, who has the perfect name to go with lack of ethics.

Take a good look state of weekly newspapers. Schenkler and Blank are at the very bottom with absolutely no journalistic integrity.

Anonymous said...

I live in Manhattan and am very happy to see this blog - so there is life in Queens after all! Sending it out to my activist friends around the city to keep tabs on what really happens in your breathtakingly mismanaged boro.

When people around the city see one of your politicians we rank them right up there with the great paragons of virtue as slick preacher, snake oil salesmen, used car-lot dealer and Bush policy maker.

Where DO they find these losers? Thank God for term limits.

Oliver said...

What a rogue’s gallery! This is the pool of talent in Queens? Please how about a courtesy flush, you're stinking up the place.