Thursday, April 5, 2007

Queens woman appointed to LPC

Congratulations to Diana Chapin of Jackson Heights:

Landmarks Commission Appoints Queens Woman

Landmarks Has A New Queens Face

All will be well now.


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to jump for joy just yet because the newly appointed LPC commissioner Diana Chapin is from Queens!

We've had one before. Her name was Vicki Match Suna.....of the Silvercup Studio's "Suna" bloodline.....a wife, in fact!

Her voting record was horrible. She was no damn advocate for Queens landmarks!

So you'll pardon me if I reserve my kudos for Chapin being appointed until I see her in action over the course of time!

From what we hear, Ms. Chapin is a likeable and intelligent person (but maybe a municipal "drone" who might take her marching orders from Bloomberg regarding landmaking)!)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there another commissioner from eastern Queens appointed sometime in the late 90s?

Anonymous said...

Who is she? I know the folks in Jackson Heights Beautification Group - Dan and Jeff. She is a blank.

We need someone who is an activist that came up through the ranks and we all know the list. She is a blank.

We have newspapers and politicians and 'organizations' that repesent the borough (and do a lousy job at it). She is a blank.

So what criteria to select her was used? She is a blank.

Since the Manhattan-centric preservation community has put all their eggs in the basket that all our problems will be solved by the composition LPC, we should be happy that her address is Queens, so we should sit down and shut up?

This whole thing draws a blank.

Anonymous said...

The other commissioner from Queens is Joan Gerner.

Joan who?

Now we have Diana who too.

Anonymous said...

She is with the Library board (the organization that has developers as directors and who takes away playgounds for branches and tears down historic buildings for crap) and she has worked for the (roll of drums) PARKS department.

ha ha ha ha ha

not an vocal advocate indeed....

Anonymous said...

Just another faceless hack from Queens.

Anonymous said...

Considering that Joan Gerner has been all but faceless while Queens gets torn down, perhaps Crappie should do something about her.

Frankly, its up to her to make the case as to why she should not resign.

Why did she accept the position? What is her background?

As far as most of us can see, she has done nothing for Queens.

Anonymous said...

Good point.

When those bright lights in Manhattan got on the case of the LPC commissioners, the first criterion should have been real activism within the boroughs they represent ...

and the second ...

and the third.

Was this woman interviewd by the organizations and communities that she is to represent? Hell no! she is not even sworn in and she is backpedaling helping Queens (she is for all the outer boroughs.)

Anonymous said...

We need someone to fight the politicans and newspapers for the people and the communities.

Let's give her a year.

No change, then let's call for her to step down.

Anonymous said...

Ease up guys!

These people were not nominated for you and me, they were put in to help their communities, Douglaston and Jackson Heights - part of that mystery club of the elite nieghborhoods in this city that has that mysterious x factor and passed the bar.

Hell they wouldn't know a Richmond Hill from a Richmond Hill(s) and a St Saviours from , well you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

Good question.

Why was a Queens commissioner never at a Queens preservation rally?

Any answers?

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head with that one. We can see all the Manhattan-centric guys hailing the new commissioner giving proof positive of the new dawn for Queens.

The point is that commissioners should be activists with a proven track record. Think of any major advocacy group in this city. The rank and file have a voice and the leadership is appointed from its ranks. Not here.

We will not accept the Manhattan crowd dictating our future.

Anonymous said...

Well we don't need someone 'likable.' We need someone who is outspoken, ready to kick butt, and fight for Queens and (gasp!!!) be accountable to us, the grassroots communities.

If they mayor doesn't like it and appoints a nobody, we shout them down.

If he backs off and appoints another nobody, we shout them down too.

If ... well even a clubhouse hack can figure out where this is going....

Anonymous said...

"She has friends on both sides of the issue"

What the hell does that mean?!?

Anonymous said...

Will Diana Chapin succumb to the development pressures as other LPC commissioners already have? Only time will tell. When I see the commissioners rallying with us, that's when they're living up to their title and respecting our neighborhoods and its people. Paul Graziano, Kevin Wolfe, & Ivan Mrakovcic are much more qualified to serve as commissioners. Was the appointment of Diana Chapin deliberate and politically tied? I bet!

Diana Chapin also heads the Queens Library Foundation. Wonder how she's reacting to the Elmhurst Carnegie Library preservation dilemma? Will she take a hands-off stance or flip flop like many other of our elected officials do? They're all unofficial in my book!