Wednesday, April 4, 2007

NYC to revamp building codes

The NY Sun today reports that

Building Code Changes Could Increase Costs

More from DOB here: New York City Model Code Program


Anonymous said...

"could end up increasing New York's already soaring construction costs"

All those regulations, for example, in food processing increases costs, too. Lets get rid of them.

If someone chooses to get sick its their problem and their choice as to how to handle it. But at least the public will not have to pay the price.

Anonymous said...

"The new code, drafted with the help of more than 400 industry figures — including architects, real estate developers, engineers, government officials, and union representatives"

What a relief. I was concerned that the public and civic groups would put their fingers in the pie.

I am certain that they will get their chance at input during eight hour marathon public hearings - three minute sound bites before empty chairs and bored staff.

Anonymous said...

Public input, with regard to revamping the building code, will amount to the usual (old fashioned) "suggestion box" that gets dumped by the boss daily!

Yeah....your voice will be heard.....ha, ha, ha!