Saturday, April 7, 2007

No bosses, no borders

The real reason behind sanctuary policies are public officials bowing to political pressure from the open-border lobby -- and/or an attempt to pander for votes at election time.

Sanctuary Cities: What are they?

And here I thought it was so rich folk can have their kids watched, their dishes washed and their lawns cut cheaply.

How did Mayor Bumbleberg keep his name off their hall of shame list?

Hey how about this?

U.S. Can't Account for 600,000 Fugitives

Could they be living next door to you? Or maybe they're standing on line here:

Soup-er help for laborers
...interviews with local citizens did show that many were concerned about the quality of life in their neighborhood since the influx of day laborers began in the area.

"Who wants to look out the window and see strangers all over?" asked one 68-year-old woman, who refused to give her name. City Councilwoman Helen Sears (D-Jackson Heights) is aware of the concerns of her constituents, as well as the problems the day laborers face.

"Both sides need to treat each other respectfully," she said.

There's Helen looking out for her taxpaying constituents.

Wouldn't you think that people who came here legally would not look kindly upon those who just hopped the fence? Why are our elected officials pandering to criminals?

How about this:

Almost no illegal immigrants caught at border are prosecuted

Why exactly do we have Americans patrolling the border if there is no enforcement?

Finally, who do you agree with in the clip below: Geraldo or Bill?

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Anonymous said...

What will happen once the hipster realizes that no borders means rents are impossible, the young professional cannot get their careers started, that it dawns upon the homeowner that clubhouse is unwilling to do anything about day laborers or crowding into apartments that swamps facilities in the community from sanitation to utilities to schools to hospitals, law enforcement discovers terrorists are invisible and the tax payer wakes up to the fact that they are supporting a hell of a lot of people.

They can always read the Tribune.