Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Meadow Manor going private

From NY Magazine's Daily Intelligencer:

Laurence Gluck, a Real Estate Board of New York muckety-muck who owns at least six subsidized-housing complexes throughout the city, is angling to control three more. Sources in and out of government say the developer has his eye on the General Sedgwick Homes in the Bronx, Castleton Park in Staten Island, and Meadow Manor in Queens.

Three More Subsidized Complexes to Go Private?

"...residents of all three complexes have received notice that their owner intends to remove them from the Mitchell-Lama subsidy program"

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Anonymous said...

I don’t understand. There is a big push for 'affordable housing' yet across the city big 'affordable' projects are succumbing. Stuyvesant Town, that big project in Brooklyn, thousands of units that are soon no longer affordable.

I do not understand.

Now where are advocates for affordable housing, as the Queens Congregations United for Action, or the East River DEVELOPMENT Alliance?

Oh I see, they only want NEW affordable housing!

Anonymous said...

Meadow Manor.....wasn't this named after Tony Soprano's daughter?

Anonymous said...

Projects like Stuyvesant Town (by today's standards) would qualify as luxury housing....given the large amount of green space that was incorporated to make these developments look more beautiful!

They're now deemed "too good" for the "riff-raff"to live in they get priced out and are moved to newly developed toxic sites like the proposed affordable housing units that John Liu is promoting for the Willets Point vicinity! (He's a "fine" example of an Asian who's bilking his own kind) !