Tuesday, April 3, 2007

LIC housing crisis

Brooklyn resident, mayoral candidate, and current city comptroller William Thompson has turned his attention to western Queens:

Build affordable units in LIC: Thompson

And how to do it?

Bonds suggested for LIC

Photo from thirteen.org


Anonymous said...

Unless something is done and PDQ......LIC is about to go the way that SOHO did! Good luck Bill Thompson! You've got some fight ahead of you!

The artists that have pioneered this old run down area (making it an attractive area and ripe for real estate investment and development) are about to be pushed out by escalating rents! Hello yuppies!

This is exactly what happened in SOHO in the late 60s and early 70s!

Artists are, typicaly, bad business-people and rarely have the foresight to form cooperatives, whatever, and buy old buildings (with, maybe gov't loans or funding?) when they were cheap! Now they're being priced out of the market!

These "real creators" of these vibrant neighborhoods are about to become the sacrificial lambs. What a pity!

Anonymous said...

"Thompson ... predicted that more power plants would eventually be constructed in Astoria or Long Island City. More than 60 percent of the city's power comes from plants in western Queens."

Um excuse me, sir, (its me, the person with bowed head and hat in hand.) Did anyone ask the people of western Queens, which is already downwind from Manhattan and has lots of power plants and is already one of the most polluted parts of the country if we wanted power plants?

I know that my voice will be lost in the great shout from the politicians and community board and newspapers rushing to say what a good idea.

Please excuse me, I just needed to say it. Now permit me to fade back into the wallpaper.

Anonymous said...

Where is Eric and Peter and Michael. I want them to talk about Con Ed dividends and Con Ed adverting and Con Ed money giveaways.

I want them to tell me that Con Ed has had a policy of assigning poor wiring and bad employees to our community over the past decade.

I want to hear their comments on the new power plants.

Anonymous said...

Hi, its me the Con Ed guy again.

What did we tell you. Everyone in Con Ed knows that Astoria is going to be hit big time with a lot of new power facilities.

If the politicians don't want to tell you and the newspapers don't want to report it, that is ok.

We have Queens Crap the people's news source.

Anonymous said...

Why are we putting more devlopement in LIC/Astoria?



Send it to eastern Queens. Share the wealth.

Anonymous said...

Look the machine is afraid the yuppies in Queens West will gentrify the area and not vote for their tired bullcrap.

They want to make sure that there are still plenty of people that can be tweeded.

So bus 'em in!

Anonymous said...

Is it not funny that in all these articles there is not a single person from LIC/Astoria quoted?

It seems everything is decided.

Then they bring in yo-yos from Dutch Kills and Sunnyside, pull the strings on the clubhouse puppets in office, crank out the politically appointed community boards, bring in well funded and organized outsiders to testify, and crank out the machine controlled newspapers.

Do the people have any chance against this onslaught.

Hey, we are Americans! Bring them on!