Sunday, April 8, 2007

Jamaica rezoning - a done deal?

...she broached the subject during the hearing because three board members allegedly notified her that they had received phone calls as recently as Wednesday morning and had been told to approve the Jamaica Plan.

“I think it is disrespectful,” Rudmann said. “It is against everything I stand for to ask someone to take a position before the information has been digested. It seems to me that you’re not giving yourself the respect due you as a citizen with a form of government that allows you to participate.”

Community Board told to approve Jamaica Plan rezoning project?

Now lady, you're on a community board that is installed by the machine and therefore is an extension of the machine. You think that you're supposed to be able to think and vote independently?


Anonymous said...

Most community boards are "machine" installations that do little but "twiddle" their thumbs and go along with the builders' marching orders, while feigning to represent their communities!

We were told, for example, CB#7's member Wellington Chen (CB#7's landmark...ha, ha, ha, chair) was appointed by "The Donald" Manes....himself (???) ! Is that true???

Chen has got his company's (TDC? etc.?) proposals all over Queens.....Willets Point redevelopment, Flushing's Muni Lot #1, etc.

He seems to be made-in-the-shade with regards to real estate development that is! H-m-m-m-m!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...something tells me that ol Crappie should be quietly amassing a body of information that reinforces what we all know: the community boards are a sham.

Then at the right time, a lawsuit to either overturn them, or to put the 'community' back into the 'community boards.'

Anonymous said...

The one way you know you are really getting a hosing in Queens is to go to a community board meeting in other boroughs.

There the boards are actully reprentative of their communities, not afraid to speak out on real issues (as opposed to following some script)and the officials or their reps are serious at noting concerns.

Suggest Queens civic leaders go to them an see what I am talking about!

georgetheatheist said...

It's interesting to note that just below the tiny red building in the upper left of the quadrant of the photograph is the Club Kalua where Sean Bell et al. was shot by the police (Click onto the picture itself to get a clearer vantage.) The red building is on the corner of Liverpool Street - the site of the incident. The Club Kalua fronts onto 94th Ave, just to the right of the RR tracks of the Air Train. The Sean Bell case is an ongoing, festering wound in the Jamaica community and the killing site is Ground Zero in the development plan. Will political community activists permit redevelopment of this "sancta terra" in the future? Will Club Kalua be demolished? If so what will take its place? Stay tuned to this issue - it's highly charged with political implication.