Sunday, April 15, 2007

Industry-to-housing rezone in Flushing

More on John Liu's proposed housing district in western Flushing:

Western Flushing in the (Affordable) House?

Flushing Zoning Change Eyed To Boost Affordable Housing

The cleanup's gonna be a real bitch!

Photo of zone from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Queens ledger

PHOTO CAPTION: Councilman John Liu, and State Senator Toby Stavisky, and Assemblywoman Ellen Young, address Flushing residents at a forum last week discussing possible affordable housing options in Western Flushing.

The three pigs from the Parkside Group again! This time addressing issues from a study conducted by the Asian Americans For Equality, another client from Parkside.

During the 80's many 12-14-story buildings were constructed in Flushing under the guise of "affordable housing". Most required zoning variances and were approved by the elected officials and community board members because “affordable housing” units were being constructed. However, when construction was completed, the “affordable housing” units turned into “luxury condos”. It will happen again.

The study area for the proposed re-zoning is adjacent to a major park. The panorama of the park, a new Stadium, a cleaned up Iron Triangle with Manhattan in the distance - would be a major selling point. Cleaning up this messy and often embarrassing area of Flushing would be a good thing for property values, not only for those in the study area, but for the neighboring ones as well. Getting money from investors would not be a problem. However, investors want a return on their investment. Affordable housing is not going to yield the same return of their investments as luxury housing would.

Don’t believe any of the crap spewing out from Liu, Stavisky or Young. This is not about affordable housing. It’s about money.

Just remember: All housing is affordable; it's just a matter of WHO can afford it.

Anonymous said...

The "cleanup" of the Iron Triangle is just a ploy to pimp the sale of the luxury housing that Muss etc. are building (or plan on building) on the Flushing waterfront.

Nobody's going to buy high end real estate if the Flushing Bay stinks or the junk yards are in view.

Trust me, there will be no affordable housing. Liu and his "Asian Americans For Equality" friends are just sucking up to the populace with their flawed study! Somebody plans to scam the HUD program, once again , as was done in the early 1980s!

Isn't Boymelgreen (the current RKO Keith's developer) big on HUD money projects (started in Brooklyn)? Keep an eye on him!

Anonymous said...

Look at the keywords in the statement "innovative" "a new journey"

The the Asians want to build the housing ...CAUGH CAUGH WORK BARRACKS right above the larger factory buildings.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, close the borders and cut the taxes.

You will find plenty of housing then, and overnight, affordable.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that Flushing, which is already overcrowded, is slated for more development.

I find it even more amazing, that for a country that touts itself as a model of an advanced modern democracy, any dialogue on this disaster in the making is not only under a seeming gag order by the media, but any opportunity at open discussion by voters and taxpayers is seemingly suppressed by the politicians.

Anonymous said...

Hey previous poster - SEEMINGLY? That's a little too legal-ese. You must be an attorney or you're affraid of one. You said nothing wrong, seemingly or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Stuff the lower classes C.M. Liu....even on polluted sites.....while you live in style off Bayside Avenue in a clean tree lined residential neighborhood.

And...Senator Toby is "living large".....judging by her waistline! (Maybe it's her fat money belt from past campaign contributions) !

Anonymous said...

Hey previous poster, that was good. I see Toby like one of the the Weather Girls. A 60's group, like the Dreamgirls!

Or maybe like the Osmonds or the Partridge Family - Picture it: The Stavisky's - here's Tubby (Len), Toby and the boychick, all dressed like the Supremes .... the original TRANS FATS!

Anonymous said...

Yeah....most of those "fat-cat" politicos DO look the part. Even the formerly slimish, boyish, John Liu is getting rather chunky lately (or is that just baby fat on his cheeks)?

Too much Ben & Jerry's "Chunky Monkey" ice cream Johnny!

Ah....what's a politician without a bald spot or pot belly! Gives 'em character.....just like Boss Tweed!

Now they can "Tweed" their constituents and look the part as well!