Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gioia: save rusty Manhattan eyesore

We had no idea that Councilman Eric Gioia was such a big preservation junkie. When we heard he was mailing out letters to his constituents in order to hear back from them so he could make a decision about whether or not to support the landmarking of Sunnyside Gardens, we thought he was acting kind of namby-pamby on the issue. But web archives show him attending a Manhattan fundraiser for the High Line, a full 2 years before the city was even considering saving it:

New York Social Diary

Interesting how he wants to save a relic of Manhattan's industrial past, yet approves of bulldozing the industrial past of Queens to make way for shiny new apartment towers... When you know you won't run against anyone for your second term, and already have your eyes cast toward 2009, it's best to start rubbing elbows with the "right" people (aka Manhattanites with big names and big cash):

"Dear Friend,

I hope everyone had a good holiday. Please save this date -- Thursday, April 26 -- to join me at Spy Club to celebrate another year of accomplishments.

I am happy to report that things are going great. Long Island City continues to thrive as a dynamic, growing community where we will soon be building more middle and affordable housing. There's still work to be done -- including bringing in a new library and schools -- but our vision for a vibrant, green, and accessible Queens waterfront is coming true.

As tax day nears (April 17-- don't forget), we have already returned over 1 million dollars to residents of Western Queens through the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and other tax credits. Working closely with partners like the East River Development Alliance, we've done massive public outreach and brought in volunteer accountants to help do people's taxes. This allows us to help hard-working low income New Yorkers help themselves - and pour federal money back into the local economy while we're at it.

These are just a couple of the exciting initiatives that I am working on. I'd like you to be a part of it. As you know, I'm committed to ensuring that politics is something for everyone to be involved in, and I want to make it easy for anyone to come and join our movement to make New York an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

That's why I'm encouraging you to come to Spy Club on April 26th, bring a friend, and ask that friend to bring a friend. It's sure to be a fun time and a great opportunity to meet other New Yorkers who are passionate about making a difference in our City. Give what you can, even if it's just ten dollars.

See the invite below for more information. You can RSVP on my website, www.EricGioia.com, which you can also visit for news updates on what I've been working on recently. I look forward to seeing you on the 26th!

Sincerely yours,
Eric Gioia

Suggestion for next Gioia campaign slogan:

"From a Queens neighborhood, prefer Manhattan neighborhoods"


Anonymous said...

I just this past weekend visited some Chelsea art galleries near Manhattan's "High Line". Although I'm interested in its history and like it, I see no real reason for paying so much attention to this leftover at the expense of more important sites which should be saved.

In fact, I took care to avoid standing beneath some of the more dangerously crumbling sections.

If the city tore down the elevated West Side Highway, why is this relic so sacred. Chelsea is being developed at such an alarming rate that it's not what it used to be or look like anyway.

And Gioia goes out of his borough to pimp the preservation of the "High line".....ignoring many local preservation issues.....he must be high on something!

hooper said...

How 'bout this for a campaign slogan.

Eric Gioia: From the highrise, for the highrise!

Anonymous said...

"East River Development Alliance"

Funded by banks and politicians to ensure the projects accept racist towers for the rich that will block out the sun and reflect the noise of the bridge back onto the community.

No discussion of the traffic nightmare, the racism of segregation the 'affordable' component, or the locals will be walled off from the waterfront (despite the lies they are being fed)

However, understand they sponsered a wennie roast or something and then invited the folks to testify in favor of the Suna project at a scripted 'public' hearing at the community board from hell.

They luvd the towers!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the local folks? They are like oxen in a yoke. Give them some hay and let them plod along. Around and around and around.

Is anyone going to make an effort to give them anything else?

Eric sees green everywhere said...

Eric "the Phony" Gioia was not attending the High Line fundraiser because he cared about the issue. He was there to network searching for donors to his campaign coffers. He does nothing for the good of the community, he does it all for the good of Eric Gioia. Gioia what a Phony-a!!!

The Sunnyside of Queens said...

I am shocked to see that Mr. Gioia, in his birthday (campaign) bash flyer posted on your website, said that the first 250 donors will get free drinks.

You would think that after Congressman Joseph Crowley's staff tragedy that Mr. Gioia would not be promoting drinking. He is using alcohol to get people to give him money faster. Shame on Eric Gioia.

georgetheatheist said...

I've got the tar. Who's got the feathers?

Anonymous said...

Hello Queens newpapers!! (everyone, do you not hear the echoes?) How about writing about Eric and the Landmarks?

Here Eric is in favor of landmarks. Did not have to send a questionaire. Did not hide in Queens West from his people when that fine stateman, Bricklayer Onorato pontificated.

Just boldly showed up, turned on his nice smile, and got to work harvesting money.

(silence .... well Eric, we are waiting .... silence ..... ummm)

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, I got the camera right here.

Max said...

With the money that Gioia, Gallagher and Katz have raised, they can end world hunger!

Anonymous said...

Don't put Gallagher and Katz in this guy's league, Gioia is the quintessential sellout.

Dr. Jay Golub said...

Gioia has ignored everyone in Sunnyside.

He even has looked the other way when it comes to the negligence of Con Edison, leaving thousands of small "mom-and-pop" businesses to fend for themselves against the giant, multi-billion dollar public utility.

This from a guy who has joined with other city council members who have protested Wal-Mart coming to Queens because it threatened the same mom-and-pops now hurt by Con Ed. I guess his real motives are not so honorable.

Maybe he's just following the orders of unions who he wants to rake in thousands of donations from...

Anonymous said...

Eric Gioia is one of the only council members who actually works. What are you guys talking about? Lay off of Eric and stick to that pink council member you keep beating up on. He actually deserves it, Eric Gioia does not.

Anonymous said...

Yes he is working, for his future.

Anyone that lets the people that elected them to office get abused, displaced and taken advantage of while he spends time either on the waterfront facing Manhattan, or in Manhattan, secure that the clubhouse public relations mill tells everyone that the smiling faced young man with a future is going places, is a bum.

LIC said...


Anonymous said...

Gioia is another clubhouse phony....all show and no blow!

Anonymous said...

Eric Gioia should update his campaign slogan.
Instead of "From the Neighborhood, For the Neighborhood" it should be
"From the Neighborhood, For Himself"