Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Filling empty spaces

Just when you thought the city had allowed building on every available space left, word comes that they are what was once considered to be off-limits may no longer be safe:

Open Spaces Are City's Next Frontier

In the meantime, lawmakers are adamant about not allowing a development to proceed on top of a Manhattan playground, but not necessarily because it takes away open space:

Lawmakers Vowing To Block United Nations Building Effort

Photo from Windows Live Local.


Anonymous said...

If, as it's been said, only G-d can make a tree. Then it follows that, perhaps, the Devil makes concrete!

Maybe that's an oversimplification but why do "we" continue and adore and seemingly favor cement over green spaces?

The City and it's greedy building partners don't seem content until they obliterate every open grass carpeted and tree lined open space.

I'm tired of being suffocated with in your face buildings that block the sky and turn refreshing lawns into parking lots!

This kind of "planning" will be a recipe for an ecological "doomsday" of Biblical proportions if carried to its limit!

Anonymous said...

I feel so much better about the UN issue.

It seems that the taking away of park space or a playground for kids is a rather minor issue.

The entire point is not the treatment of New Yorkers (whose tiny role in all this is to elect them and whom they are to serve.)

It is over the politics of Isreal.


Anonymous said...

Building on green spaces?

The thing I do not understand is how a century of urban planning progress just disappears in a season. There was a very good reason those spaces were built.

What is not clear to me is why the civic groups and urban planning institutes are mute on this.

Curious, eh?