Saturday, April 7, 2007

Doorman: Divest from Darfur

The view of the UN from Gioia's luxury condo must be mesmerizing!

Divest from Sudan: Gioia

Raising awareness of genocide in Darfur

Imagine if he were this passionate about problems in his own district...

While Eric passes non-binding resolutions regarding foreign relations, his own constituents continue to suffer. How about a binding resolution calling for taxpayers to divest from the Council?

Photo from Queens Courier


Andy said...

Check out his tie. Is he shopping with Pinky these days?

Donald said...

No, this is what the council wears during "Pinky Awareness Week." During Pinky Awareness Week, council members pledge to hold a press conference about one of two things:

1) An issue that has already been resolved
2) An issue that doesn't affect their consitutents

It's refreshing to see that this is a bipartisan effort.

Anonymous said...

Eric, the camera is to your right. Oh, I'm sorry you knew that when you walked in the room. That's your good side.

Anonymous said...

I like his pretty" hairdo. Goes with his pink tie!

Does he spend as much time attending to his constituents as he does to his high peaked retro Pompador?

Mr. Gioia Boy!

Ericrap said...

Eric graduated from the Bill Clinton school, majoring in "Phony".

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, I like your 'leadership' at SSG, send a letter and ask how everyone feels.

Send out a letter and ask them if they like displacement in Hunters Point.

Send out a letter and ask if they want you involved in baseball bats or their community.

Send out a letter and ask if they like overdevelopment and faltering services.

etc etc etc

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

Tell us what you really think about the landmarking of Sunnyside! Or do you need to send out a questionaire? Funny, you know what you think about Darfar...perhaps your constituents need a questionaire on that too!