Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Daily News starts Astoria blog

The Daily News is expanding their web coverage of the outer boroughs, and is starting a blog for each of them. The one for Queens is called Astoria N/W York.

Here's a sample from the first post by writer Rich O'Malley:

Gone. Into memory. Years of great meals and good times flashed through my mind. I never lost a great restaurant before. This was traumatic...Rents are high and the restaurant business is unforgiving. Just a few weeks later another brunch fave, Le Sans Soucee on Broadway went down. Mon dieu!


Anonymous said...

That figures. The Daily News needs a spin to counter ol Crappie.

They should be gushing with reviews on Bangladeshi delis, and Mexican karaoke bars and Brazilian bikini waxing spots and Spanish furniture stores and Italian fig trees and Greek olive emporiums and 99 cent stores, oh god all those 99 cent stores.

All those things that the Midwestern farmers sons and daughters find so marvelous about the neighborhood.

I do think displacement, out of control development, faltering services, filthy streets, vanishing parking spaces, cracked ceilings from construction projects, illegal conversions, an arrogant out of touch leadership and a general decline in the quality of life will be delicately avoided.

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe they will send the kid over to fathom the destruction of 150 year old homes in Old Astoria Village for Queens Crap.

ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hey....Daily News ....what have you got to say about "MS13"?

This deadly Salvadoran gang's graffiti has been spotted in Astoria!

Hell, I understand even the tough ass "Bloods" are scared shit of them!

H-m-m-m....a restaurant closes....yadda, yadda, yadda. It must be a slow news day!