Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Built to last

From Stay Free! Daily comes an answer to a good question:

Are old houses really built to last?

Interesting stuff.

Photo from Stay Free! Daily


Anonymous said...

The answer is YES, especially compared to the crap built today.

Anonymous said...

Spent a few summers working with that example of antique craftsman: a master builder who did all the work himself , from the footer to the ridgepole (except subcontracting the basement digging, the wiring and the brickwork.)

They guy was a page out of history even in the 60s. Watched him work and listened to his philosophy on building.

Always said his houses were built to live in, others built to sell. Used twice as many nails, took twice as long as the others. And had a waiting list of clients that was all but infinite.

He came from a culture where someone would build a house for their son or daughter - and they would live in it their whole lives. The buildings his parents built for themselves, and those of his grandparents, all built in the same spirit, not only still stand but are very much in demand and are worth millions.

His era is gone. But the wasteful throw away transient culture of today will never stand the test of time. The world we live in today would be as alien to his world of craftmanship as true democracy is to our current political culture.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people will plunk down big cash for treasured antiques....the kind of things they don't make anymore.

But when it comes to houses that are built exquisitely....and built to last....they don't apply the same standard of choice.

Many get suckered into buying newly constructed homes, instead of rehabilitating fine old structures, (and later) many regret that choice!