Monday, April 9, 2007

Beastly Bronx blaze

Many people in the Bronx had a terrible Easter Sunday:

Beastly Bronx blaze

City records show that the 270-unit building was bought in February for $28.3 million by investors Stephen Siegel, Andrew Goldberg and Jeffrey Goldberg.

The building has 308 recorded building code violations, including fire exits blocked by cabinets, creating an "extremely hazardous condition," city inspectors said in a March notice.

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

That's it guys, complain about the building inspectors. It doesn't take much to pull them off the case.

dave in milwaukee (orig. frm Qns) said...

Can anyone tell me approximately how old that building was? Just curious.

dave in milwaukee (orig. frm Qns) said...

Never mind; thanks anyway . . . I looked up the occupancy permits and it appears this firetrap was built in 1939.

taxpayer said...

308 Building Code Violations:

How many violations are acceptable before DOB acts?

Where was Bloomberg? Studying subway cars in Florida? Why are heads not rolling at DOB?