Thursday, April 12, 2007

Avella outs Quinn

"Too late!" you may be saying. But Tony is not outing her sexual orientation. Rather, he's alleging that her current bid to remove pedicabs from city streets is because she got paid off by lobbyists:

Tony Avella of Queens, was one of seven council members who in late February voted against the bill, which he described as a way to kill the pedicab industry. Mr. Avella said his colleagues are following Ms. Quinn's wishes because her support is essential when trying to introduce legislation or secure funding for projects in a member's district.

"The power of the speaker is incredible when used in this type of situation," he said. "And that's a situation that really has to change. We talk about three men in a room in Albany. Well, the City Council is getting just as bad."

Quinn Wielding Her Clout in Contest Over Pedicabs

"She wants to be mayor, she needs their money," Mr. Bliss said, referring to Ms. Quinn. "It is clear there is a quid pro quo between the speaker and the taxi lobby."

Photo from NY Post


Julie said...

It's nice to hear one of them say it for a change!

Taxpayer said...

Tony, what else can I say except that when you campaign for Mayor, I will do everything I can to see that you are elected.

What a delight! To meet a man of character and integrity is so refreshing. We need 5000 more of you.

Continue to say what you mean and mean what you say, and, regardless of some inevitable disagreements on some issues, I'm with you!

Middle Village said...

Everyone should get behind Tony Avella for Mayor. He's one of us and he'll be known as the people's mayor. Can't wait to get started Tony!

Anonymous said...

I thought there would be an improvement now that senior Vallone had been dumped as speaker.

Now we've got his nasty replacement!

Water seeks it's own level. You don't get to be Speaker of the City Council without a sordid past (and we're not talking about sexual preferences here) to prove that you're fit for the job!