Monday, April 2, 2007

LIC Rising

According to a brokerage firm interviewed by Business Week, those searching for the next real estate "hot spot" or just trying to find a cheap and funky place to live should focus on this as one of the main factors:

If the zoning favors larger or more units, either residential or commercial, the area will gentrify more rapidly.

America's next hot neighborhoods

Oh, now we understand why all that density is being encouraged in LIC.

"We are going from salt piles to beautiful buildings," said Councilman Eric Gioia, a Democrat who represents Long Island City.

"All 5,000 of those units are in the top half of the Queens income bracket," said Brad Lander, director of the Pratt Center for Community Development. "Sixty percent of Queens residents could not afford to live there."

Great job representing your (future) constituents, Doorman!

Photo from AM-NY.


Anonymous said...

The "Gioia of The Sellout".....a suggested
title for Eric's new book!

Is he going to get a reduced rate condo in one of these waterfront towers for pimping the projects? Or is that covered in his salary?

Now we know who he represents.....Rockrose Development and the likes....not his constituents!

mike d said...

Beautiful buildings? Is Gioia on drugs?

Have fun in the dark this summer, doorman.

Anonymous said...

Well, folks, everyone touts such a wonderful future this young man has.

Sell out your constituents? check

Bulldoze a vibrant community? check

Live in luxury while services decline in your community? check

Put in overdevelopment then when the grid collapses, point the finger somewhere else? check

Hide in a spiderhole when your buddies in the clubhouse attack Sunnyside Gardens? check

Hide in a spiderhole when your neighborhood undergoes a major crisis like losing power? check

Turn over the waterfront to rich people while your constituents, who cannot afford to live there anymore, are denied parkland like the rest of the city? check

Remain silent while someone like Mickeljohn rams the clubhouse agenda down everyone's throats? check

Yup, this boy has a great future in politics. Strong machine, silent press, worn down constituents. The sad thing is, like every other product of the democratic organization in this borough, his tricks just will not play in Peoria. He will get nowhere after leaving the cocoon that is Queens.

The little detail, of course, is the rest of the county has moved on and yesterdays news, which is what the out of touch machine has to offer, just doesn't sell in the real world.

I mean, really, folks, do you know anyone else (except Queens) that would put up with the crap?

Anonymous said...

Hey Gioia, I am from Hunters Point. This is not a salt pile. It is my home. It is my community. It is my church and neighbors.

My family has owned our home since 1923.

Why are you destoying our community and bringing in people that look down on us?

Why can't we enjoy our waterfront like everyone else can?

Are we, you constituents, like vermin that has to be cleaned off the land so 'better' people can use it?

Anonymous said...

No, you are in the same boat as everyone else in Queens.

The clubhouse thinks they own you. They tell you what god to worship, how to worship, and who to worship.

They tell you who your neighbors should be, if you should stay in your home or move, and if the place you work in should stay or be wiped out.

In short, you are chattel.

Anonymous said...

Councilman Eric Gioia, a Democrat who represents Long Island City.

"And we are going to create access to the waterfront."

Gioia let me call you a liar on this one. The Silvercup proposal will allow only 40 feet between the building and the waterfront.

georgetheatheist said...

Oh Boya! It's Gioia!

The Doorman: Vote for me, I grew up in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, the gentrification brigade have tipped the Doorman quite well for his service.

georgetheatheist said...

Mrs. Fahrquard (in a haughty manner): I say, Eric, oh Eric, would you be sure to walk my little Fifi while I have tea at the Pierre?

The Doorman (grovelling): But of course, Mrs. Fahrquard, I'll even get on my hands and knees and scamper with him too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you George!
And no need for Eric to follow "Fifi"around with a "pooper scooper".....he'll catch those little turds with his hands them up pretty..... and sell them as candy!

That's the kind of low-life representativethat Gioia is!

Anonymous said...

Oh Come on. Some of these comments are just plain ridiculous. I'm all for calling out pols who don't do their job, but don't lump Gioia in with the rest of the deadbeats at City Hall. If you just do a quick Google search you can see all the great work he's done on hunger, affordable housing, and a whole slew of issues.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that people complain either way. Either they complain that nobody cares about the neighborhood and it's neglected or they complain that too many people are interested in the neighborhood.

Goldylocks for City Council 2009!

Anonymous said...

"don't lump Gioia in with the rest of the deadbeats at City Hall. If you just do a quick Google search you can see all the great work he's done on hunger, affordable housing, and a whole slew of issues."

HA HA HA...what exactly has Gioia done for the middle class? We are the ones who will end up paying through the nose for his hunger and other "live off the government teat" programs. The article says that 60% of the Queens public cannot afford to live in what he is calling "affordable housing." Gioia is full of crap!

georgetheatheist said...

Hunger?...Gioia is FROM Hunger.

Anonymous said...

Hate to break the news to you all, but the Councilman lives in one of the Towers on the river since day one..His eye is on the U.N. Building every morning..

Where's the Camera Eric said...

Hey Gioia lover. You must be related to that buttwipe. He's a complete sellout. The guy doesn't have a genuine bone in his body. He makes Schmuck Schumer look sincere. Eric Gioia is by far the worst human being on the city council... nothing but me me me in Gioia's playbook.
His legacy will be that he up-zoned our community and made it more unlivable. Thanks Eric, you piece of Crap-oia.

No Gioia in Sunnyside said...

Councilman Eric Gioia's office staff is unresponsive and uncaring. They never called me back and disregarded my problem. Eric Gioia has been a big disappointment, he has betrayed his constituents.

Anonymous said...

Councilman Mc Caffrey was in favor of a"Queens West" type project in the early 80s.....then I guess he changed his mind when he knew he was outgunned by his constituents, who were against overdevelopment of the waterfront.

Now you've got his replacement "Baby Face Gioia".

He's kissing Rockrose's behind daily!

What brand of chin wipes do you use Eric?

ericrap said...

the most dangerous place to be is between eric gioia and a camera

Anonymous said...

Obviously the people on this blog care about bigger issues as well as their own well-being.

Did people really just come out against hunger?

Anonymous said...

Who in this city is starving? Go into any ghetto and you'll see some of the most obese people in the world.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of the human race is against hunger. I don't get the question.

benjamin said...

"don't lump Gioia in with the rest of the deadbeats at City Hall"

Are you kidding me? Gioia is the biggest lump... of horse bleep.

Gioia is a laughing stock with a serious case of egomania.