Monday, February 5, 2007

Your Tax Dollars at Work, continued

It appears as though the NY Sun and Councilman Tony Avella agree with last week's QC observation that symbolic resolutions are a waste of time:

Council Resolutions Make News, but Will They Make a Difference?

"They do nothing. They just sit on the shelf," Council Member Tony Avella of Queens said, adding, "When you think about it, we should be concentrating on things that the council has control over."


Anonymous said...

Oh they do something ... like building young politicians' resumes. Now with term limits they need to move up and out quickly and to prepare for the future. It makes perfect sense because their constituents are getting displaced and their communities getting torn down around them.

And, of course, a numbing display of headlines on the local penny savers for our wwoonnddeerrffuull politicians reinforces in the gullible mind they are actually doing something useful .... and when they say something like ‘Con Ed was at fault’, ‘Con Ed was at fault’, ‘Con Ed was at fault’, ‘Con Ed was at fault’, ‘Con Ed was at fault’, ‘the sky is falling’, (woops, wrong cartoon) some people actually believe them.

Anonymous said...

I'm just slowly getting taxed out of my home. The dollars that NYC takes from me are certainly not working for me. After all, I'm not an immigrant! Ooops, and I just got another real estate tax increase. What about you? Oh I know that my tax rate went up thousands but I can look foward to getting back a couple of hundred dollars in my rebate check. Thanks, Mayor Mike for making my housing so "affordable".