Monday, February 26, 2007

A Developing Story

A very interesting on-target Op-Ed appears in the NY Times today about the Atlantic Yards plan:

A Developing Story

...what do we Brooklynites — a diverse and even divided collective — want our borough to be? Do we want it transformed from a sunny, low-lying place into knots of vertical superblocks? Are we content to let our borough’s future be imposed on us by developers and politicians?

Even without Atlantic Yards, our neighborhood and others nearby are feeling the strain of poor planning for a rising population. Traffic and parking are problems already; Flatbush Avenue is a seething mass of vehicles that I dread crossing with my children. Morning subway trains are crammed, and the buses on DeKalb Avenue are often too crowded to pick up new passengers.

Shhhh!! Stop talking about these things!

Illustration from NY Times


mr. natural said...

Keep your eye on Fed Judge Nicholas Garaufis who is presiding on the eminent domain issue.
Garaufis was the chief lawyer for Queens Beep Shulman and later,the FAA. He has ruled on cases such as the George Harrison guitar-autograph, the Ronell Wilson detective murders, and the Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano mafia trial.
His Atlantic Yards eminent domain ruling may wind up in the US Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

Gaaufus is a prime SOB! I've dealt with him personally when he was counsel to Shulman (another piece of crap posing as a kindly grandma)! She was Manes' protege!