Monday, February 5, 2007

NY Times Construction Continues

This came in yesterday:

I can't believe what I saw just now. It is just after 9 a.m. and work is continuing at the NY Times printing plant!!!! I called 311 to see what is allowable on a Sunday and I was told that sometime permits are granted for weekend construction and that permits should be posted outside of the area where construction is taking place. Hmmm.... I haven't passed by and probably will be staying in today but I can't see any signs or permits on the fences near the entrance...although they could be there. My binoculars and zoom on the camcorder cannot find the requisite paperwork.

I also checked the NYC Land Use Committee and can see that there is something ominous. Katz is the chairperson and Avella and Liu sit on the committee. It makes me wonder what they knew and when. Both of them have remained unusually silent so far. This may not bode well for the political future of either gentleman. Also, the links to their reports is not functioning so I could not see if the Times expansion was reviewed.

Finally, I just wanted to make you aware of an issue I am afraid to make public. On the morning of September 12, 2001, I awoke early in the morning and saw a lot of activity in the Times parking lot. Many, if not all of the newspaper trucks in the city (including the Post and News) were in the parking lot and got a police escort to their destinations. I videotaped this and the entourage lasted for quite a while. In the days that followed, I noticed a beef up of security around the plant. Obviously, someone must have thought that the NY Times printing plant was a terrorist target then. If all of the Times is being printed at the same facility, it makes it a greater target, or am I being paranoid? My apartment windows are within a quarter mile of the structure.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your video vigilence. This is the sort of thing we need more of.....dedicated and fearless citizens who stand up to power ! Of course Melinda Katz (chair of land use) is involved. She probably has full knowledge of this project. Avella and Padavan had best issue statements on this . They're long overdue. There's also little doubt, in my opinion, that Liu is quietly involved behind the scenes. He would certainly like to sink Avella. And of cousrse, the Avella/Padavan feud doesn't help matters! C'mon boys, start acting like grown up men and cooperate in a non partisan fashion!

Anonymous said...

This Avella and Padavan thing has been going on too long. Each of them seen scowling at each other! It's just like the Harrison /Stavisky fight that went on for years. That's what helped to ruin Flushing.....(fellow Democrats in this case) fighting with each other instead of joining hands in protecting us against the overdevelopment that started to surface 20 years ago! I must confess though, Julia tried but Toby (who ran the show for Leonard) was always a vengeful bitch! She never forgave Harrison for winning the City Council seat that she thought she was entitled to. Pure scum!

Wendy P. said...

I wasn't sure but had a suspicion that work was continuing yesterday. How dare they make people work in weather that is so unG-dly cold! What is the rush? Do they want to finish up the new building before the community has a chance to organize? Come on you selfish politicians. It is time to swallow your collective prides and represent your communities! Ask questions, get answers, but most importantly, don't let north Queens be suffocated. Stop the NY Times from steamrolling over our rights...if we have any left.

Anonymous said...

No. I don't think you are paranoid. I have often felt that the Times building was a big target. You are not alone. It's just going to be a bigger target now.