Wednesday, February 7, 2007


A construction worker was killed in Brooklyn on Monday morning, Brownstoner reports:

BREAKING: Worker Killed at Forte Condos Site


Anonymous said...

Yet another immigrant exploited by the system.

It is to the great shame of out great city that people are encouraged to come here by a system that then takes their lives.

Where is the outrage by the leadership within the immigrant community?

Anonymous said...

I got news for you. Take a look at how the working class communities of NYC are treated.

They are treating you like that already.

Anonymous said...

Who pays for that poor soul's funeral? I'm sure it's not the builder....the bastard!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting, in those sad days of slavery, there was a responsibility to care for the remains of the deceased. The system made certain they received a decent burial.

In the days of the robber barons, if a man was killed, say working in a train yard, the company's responsibility was to gather everything, place it in a basket, and leave it on his family's stoop. If it was a mine cave in, just seal the entrance and move on.

Today, it is a Hart Island potter's field. The system makes certain he receives a decent burial.

We have made progress, haven't we?

Anonymous said...

It is a shame. There are several church groups embracing people of color and immigrants on these development issues.

Instead of fighting tenant abuse with illegal conversions, or worker abuse with dangerous life threatening working conditions...

Their only interest is to be a flack for developers.