Wednesday, February 7, 2007

2030: A Crap Odyssey

New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer reports about a brainstorming session that revealed more than the mayor had bargained for:

Urban Planners Agree: New York in 2030 Will Suck

Aren't these the same things that we "faceless Queensites" have been "griping" about here? And experts that the city consulted with agree with us? Crappy is clapping on his throne!


Anonymous said...

The people moving into all the new waterfront crap will be the most screwed if hurricane hits.

Liz said...

Loved seeing this site!!!! Keep writing and taking those photos.


Anonymous said...

We all could have told you that future NYC will suck. You didn't need a consultant, seminar or a bunch of power-drunk planners to reach that conclusion. Listen to the people, it's cheaper in the long run.We don't charge any fees!

Anonymous said...

Let's name this future New York "Shitty City"!

Anonymous said...

"expiration of federal public-housing funding will combine with recent city zoning changes to create the major homelessness problem."

Whoa, what was this about? Is the city about to put in place a program for shutting down public housing?

Do any of the newspapers want to touch this topic?

As most of this housing is minority, perhaps instead of going over the old familiar ground of African-Americans in the past, how about looking at this on a piece about the future of this community in NYC.

Afterall, Black History Month need not only look at past history, but future as well.

Anonymous said...

This plan only talked about engineering bottlenecks to development.

It left untouched the overwhelmed infrastructure problems, or the suitablitly to developing swamps and waterfront with massive housing.

Again, 'experts' have betrayed the city.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that no one asks New Yorkers what they want to do with their tax money.

1. Use it to benefit others in planning for more development?

2. Use it to improve their services from the city.

(Get used to this, boys, you will see this theme again and again on this board.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah why not have more referendums on the ballot and then let the people decide?