Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Honorary Israelis: Comrie, Katz, Sears, Weprin

The Times Ledger reveals which Queens council members are wasting their time and our money in Israel:

Queens Council members dodge Israeli rocket attack

The rocket attack reminded them not of NYC's 2001 terrorist attack, but of the time that one of their colleagues was shot by a crazy guy that he had invited to city hall. How self-important of them.

For some reason, Christine Quinn also made sure she told the paper that the organization sponsoring their trip is not a lobbying group.

QC wishes we knew about this ahead of time. This way, we could have alerted the Prime Minister that he was about to host royalty.


Anonymous said...

Here's a question for Crappy - do the council members get paid vacation time? If so, they had better be using it to take this trip. If this trip supposed to be part of the job, then its an abuse of taxpayer money regardless of who paid for plane tickets.

Since city council is still considered a "part time" job, is there a minimum amount of hours they're supposed to work each week? I guess it wouldn't be hard to fill those hours if you count trips abroad, preparing for higher office, drinking at fundraisers, canoodling, protesting the reporting of fried rodents on the news, and the like. What a life...

Anonymous said...

Malinger Katz flies off to Israel on some developers' dimes to learn about/show support for Israel. I suppose she never heard of books or newspapers.

Note to developers: get her some subscriptions to picture magazines; she can learn about and support, and you get to save some money. Whoops! You probably write these expenses off for tax purposes, eh?

Now, for learning and supporting: Malinger, there were quite a few devastating arson fires in your district. Why did you not take so much as a taxi to learn/show support? I'm not a developer (well, I do develop software, but that's not a very bribe appealing activity.), but, I would have cheerfully sprung for your taxi tab so you could see the damage and the victims. But, no. No photo ops. No bribers, so, no interest.

The news reports had it that your group experienced a harrowing missile attack. It landed a mile away, and went "Boom". How terrifying! But, how 'bout the lady (a constituent of yours) who was nearly burned alive by the arsonist? Or, another constituent whose infant was caught in the smoke from the arsonists fire. What about the FDNY Lieutenant who was injured putting one fire out while the arsonist was setting two others right nearby? Oh, hell! Israel calls; the developers beckon. They have money; fire victims are usually too annoyingly terrified and worse: BROKE.

Anonymous said...

No matter how you cut it, no matter what you call it, these trips to Israel (or anywhere outside the U.S.A.) is called lobbying in my book. It's time for a City Charter ammendment forbiding this kind of "schmoozing" on our time! But none of our sterling council members will vote to kill a good thing. What lazy SOSs!

george the atheist said...

How could the rocket have missed Comrie?

Anonymous said...

The Israeli building lobby at work again. No, don't bother with calling me an anti-Semite. I've been circumsized!

Anonymous said...

"The news reports had it that your group experienced a harrowing missile attack"

How about all those fires Queens is now experiencing from heaters in illegal conversions? People are dying right in your districts, but you have no time for them!

Anonymous said...

How about all the pending legislation?

How about all the points raised in Queens Crap that needs council attention?

Well, again, the newspapers will give them a free pass, and if anything, talk in glowing terms about their great work in behalf of their districts.

These things, back in the good old days when the press covered the politicians, instead of brushing off their press releases and calling it 'news' would call this a 'junket.'

Anonymous said...

Junket Definition:

1. A party, banquet, or outing.
2. A trip or tour, especially:
a.One taken by an official at public expense.
b.One taken by a person who is the guest of a business or agency SEEKING FAVOR OR PATRONAGE.

Anonymous said...

You mean this UJA group wants us to believe that it gave free trips to 11 with no strings attached? Wow, will they give one to me?

Anonymous said...

I have a great idea... trade Pinky to Israel for a developer to be named later.