Saturday, October 11, 2014

Katz not yet sold on Aqueduct soccer stadium

From the Queens Chronicle:

Aqueduct soccer stadium bandwagon — at least not yet.

At Community Board 10 last Thursday in South Ozone Park, Katz said she “likes the idea” of a Major League Soccer stadium in Queens, but had “deep reservations” about siting it at Aqueduct, which she said is not easily accessible from other parts of the city.

“We have a 90 percent increase in subway ridership right there,” she said. “It takes a long time to get there, and during rush hour it’s worse. There’s infrastructure and access issues.”

Katz’s concerns echo those of many in the community who feel Aqueduct Race Track is not easily accessible by car or public transportation.

“I think it’s good for us, it’ll bring tourism in. I think there’s a response from folks here with a deep interest for that,” Katz said of a stadium in Queens, but noted that even from her own house in Forest Hills, getting to Aqueduct would be rough.

She did not offer any other potential sites. The stadium plan, which would be home to MLS expansion franchise New York City Football Club, was originally proposed for Flushing Meadows Corona Park, before being moved to the Bronx when the New York Yankees took a 20 percent share of the team. NYCFC begins playing at Yankee Stadium next year.

But a Bronx deal was not worked out, and Aqueduct was the next idea to be floated.


Anonymous said...


Hi said...

Sunny side Railyard!!!

Anonymous said...

Just use Citi Field! I'm sure the Wilpons could use the money . At least try it out for a few years before spending $400 million to build a new stadium just for soccer.

ron s said...

Sports stadiums are extremely wasteful of space and resources. Think of the massive construction and expenditure for the Jets/Giants stadium used 16 times PER YEAR. Likewise for a soccer stadium. It will be empty at least 350 days per year. Minimally, the Red Bulls, Cosmos and any new team should share one stadium, preferably one already built.

JQ said...

I want to see the wilpons panhandling on the streets than letting them capitalize on the supposed popularity of soccer.

Katz better quit waffling,if people were interested in soccer,the redbulls would be as popular as the yankees,giants,jets and mets.but they aren't.

you know what would be nice,an amusement the one that was in howard beach and the classic yet rundown playland and adventureland.

but its queens and we can only get bad things.

Anonymous said...

Did everyone get that really sweet video she sent once again wearing her children on her arm?

Anonymous said...

Alley Katz hasn't sold out yet until she gets her idea of an adequate kick back. A slut is always a slut....politically or otherwise!