Saturday, October 11, 2014

You can now opt out of junk mail

From NY1:

In an effort to reduce waste, the city says its "Stop Junk Mail" campaign will benefit New Yorkers and the environment.

The Department of Sanitation is partnering with the GreeNYC program to promote an anti-junk mail service.

On the program's website, you can opt out of a number of unsolicited mailing lists at once.

You can create an account and unsubscribe from junk mail lists at


Anonymous said...

Can we opt out of the "information" junk mail our elected officials keep sending us before elections?

Anonymous said...

Include campaign literature? A friend of mine on the East Side received 56 pieces of oversized mail on the recent Assembly race in a 10 day period.

Great to see yow all that campaign money donated is being used to benefit the community.

Joe Moretti said...

The link actually does not work, you need to use

As usual with NYC, this site seems like more of hassle. It is not a very well done site and a convoluted sign-up. You actually have to punch in every company that sends a catalog, etc. as opposed to just clicking a button and remove you from lists. Total waste. The ironic thing too is you have to unclick boxes to not receive crap from that organization.

You are better off using National Do Not Mail List, which I use,is more simple and actually does stop the majority of junk mail.

Since there is already a nation site out there to do this, why does NYC even bother with this.

Queens Crapper said...

I fixed the link.

Charles Gallo said...

Uh, the national mail preference list, which the mail marketers are supposed to check has been around for decades, this is NOT new

JQ said...

what the living hell is with the mascot and how much did our tax dollars cost to make the costume and the actor to wear it?

greennyc continues to hemmorage funds on unnecessary campaigns.we are already throwing out 3 bags of refuse every day,isn't that enough?

Anonymous said...

And yet another blow to the already bankrupt post office!

Anonymous said...

the purpose is for a photo op and to reinforce in people's minds that nothing gets done unless a pol is there to take credit, no matter how stupid.

they get away with this travesty because even stupider people will fall for it.

Anonymous said...

Junk mail is free speech