Saturday, October 11, 2014

New school for Centreville

From the Queens Chronicle:

A vacant plot of land in the Centreville section of Ozone Park will be home to a brand-new elementary school in three years, if the Department of Education’s plans, which were previewed at Community Board 10 last Thursday, come to fruition.

The site — a triangle shape bordered by Albert Road, Raleigh Street and North Conduit Avenue — has always been vacant, often overgrown with tall grass and weeds in one of the few neighborhoods in Queens with space to spare.

But in recent years, developments have begun to pop up in the low-lying part of Centreville between Centreville Street, Aqueduct Race Track and Pitkin and North Conduit avenues. With the new homes have come new families, with children.

The result is more overcrowded schools and an often perilous commute to class. For students living in Centreville, the closest elementary schools are PS 63, which requires crossing Cross Bay Boulevard, and PS 146 in Howard Beach, mandating parents to drive — or walk a dangerous route — across North Conduit Avenue.


Anonymous said...

It's nice that they are expanding schools in the area, but if so many cars are running the light or failing to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk on cohancy and conduit then the city needs to go after those scofflaw drivers. If they aren't then where's the danger? Maybe if cohancy didn't open up to two lanes northbound on the bridge it wouldn't encourage such reckless behavior. I know you don't have a sidewalk north of conduit on cohancy either, maybe one should be put in? And on the bridge bikes are always on the sidewalk riding south. Since cars dont need the labe maybe just give the second lane to the bikes so they dont run over any pedestrians.

Anonymous said...

anon I've biked on the sidewalk on the cohancy bridge. Here's why - it's steep, one lane southbound, drivers don't tolerate the maybe 10 mph I'll do up hill, once I crest I'm not visible to a car behind me and I don't want to get run over, and I've never seen a pedestrian there. I don't think the second lane north bound is needed, and a decent number of cyclists use the bridge to avoid woodhaven. A bike lane/wider shared path would be nice there, and might encourage better driving habits.