Saturday, September 6, 2014

Newtown Creek projects still in limbo

City Parks Foundation released an update on the status of the Newtown Creek projects. The North Brooklyn Boat Club is still working on an agreement to be located inside Gina Argento's hotel next to the Pulaski Bridge. They are potentially sitting on $3M, but have not been given a deadline to ink an agreement. I'd like to remind you all that they came in 3rd place in the voting.

Meanwhile, the only Queens project on the list, the Dutch Kills basin park, has been given a deadline of May 2015 to find a new site or their funding gets taken away. I'll also take this opportunity to remind you that this project came in first place in the voting.
But everything going on with regard to these funds is totally above board.


Anonymous said...

Anything involving the Argentos seems to get a pass. Except that illegal waste transfer business. That was a riot.

Anonymous said...

Boathouse = for rich white gentrifiers
Dutch Kills park = mainly for minority kids

JQ said...

I forsee weekend electric zoos at newtown creek if this travesty project gets passed.