Friday, September 5, 2014

Goldfeder wants online food stamp purchases authorized

From The Forum:

Grocery shopping is very different for shoppers using food stamps in the Bronx.

There, a select number of zip codes have the option of ordering groceries online, which has served as a lifeline especially for senior citizens. State Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway Park) called out the United States Department of Agriculture this week, asking why the same did not apply to southern Queens.

“Buying groceries should not be a nightmare for seniors with limited mobility,” Goldfeder said. “No senior should have to rely on friends and family when technology allows for an easier option.”

The assemblyman fired off a letter to USDA head and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, calling on the agency to use its power administering food stamp benefits at the national level to provide online grocery delivery services to zip codes in southern Queens and Rockaway. The service has been part of a pilot program the USDA launched this year to allow for online purchases of groceries using Electronic Benefit Transfer cards, which shoppers use to make purchases with their SNAP benefits – or food stamps. Goldfeder’s letter said southern Queens and Rockaway were home to a large senior population, and allowing residents to use their EBT cards to order groceries online would be a great relief to seniors unable to make it to the supermarket.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea, however, I'd be concerned that there would be more food stamp fraud going on.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that most seniors who are food stamp recipients know about computers, or even own computers.

Anonymous said...

Food stamp benefits for who Endocrinologist's and dentists?
I would like to know how are all these dangerously unhealthy looking sec-8 immigrants with 4+ ROUND kids in tow able to buy beers, candy, potato chips, fried pork rinds and assorted "bagged junk carbs" with food stamps ?
Its all I see going on in Queens supermarkets(then into brand new SUVs) with these people.

Who is going to pay for ASTRONOMICAL price for all these future diabetics that are already to obese to walk let alone work? I hear McDonalds is now taking food stamps also now yes ?

Anonymous said...

what is your cost for the room/board of the 37,000 unaccompanied alien children secreted all over the nation ?by the Obama administration ? ny state nis reported to have accepted 4500 of them. see: the mail on line...

Anonymous said...

Only 4500 ?
I hear they are dumping 3 airplanes a day at JFK since mid July, teenagers and children with mothers
The long term collateral damage will be in the 100s of $$ billions for NY alone.
1/2 these so called "kids" are sexually active, feral and already pregnant by age 14 or so. NO POSSIBLE WAY of educating them. California has proven these people CAN NOT be Americanized or domesticated and will be on welfare or in- out the prison systems for life.

The NY Governor and NYC Mayor should both be jailed for doing this on the sneak. Our own kids and teachers are going to get attacked (and murdered) in the classrooms. Give it 10 years and gangs of these kids as teenagers bringing on the same shit that turned there home country's into crime ridden cesspools!
Mexicans destroyed southern California (proof) however these Guatemalan and Salvadorian mountain "breeders" added to the freeloaders and slobs we are already over-run with will bankrupt & destroy NYC quicker and worse.
Why the jackass mayor and Governor think these people will ever assimilate, work, pay taxes and use defies any logic possible.

People: Please avoid this death penalty buy throwing this bastard Governor and every democrat you can OUT in November

Anonymous said...

Here is the future of NYC middle class when DiBlasios food stamps and assorted "Come an Get Its" go bust and animals go hungry.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does it appear that our elected representatives are deplete of sensible ideas these days? It's as if they throw a dim-witted proposal out there just for the sake of it.

Anonymous said...

I will not vote for Goldfedder. His staff are lazy, rude and unprofessional just like he is. Goldfedder. Get out of the way and let a real politician take over your office. oops. he forgot to tell his constituents where he moved his offices to. Less work for the lazy staffers. Taxpayer you pay their salary, they think they are royalty.