Monday, September 1, 2014

22 beds in a downtown apartment

From WPIX:

A man is renting out an East Side apartment for “young professionals” for $900. 22 to be exact.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, you’re given a tour of what looks like a cramped dwelling.

It’s a two-bedroom apartment with 22 beds.

The man claims to have plenty of storage space (perhaps under the beds?) and tells how the apartment is walking distance from the subway trains.

He doesn’t mention the word hostel, but a city spokesman says they are investigating this place as a possible illegal hostel.


Anonymous said...


JQ said...

this subhuman weak-voiced pile of shit knows what generation gentrification will put up with just to live in manhattan and northeast queens and brooklyn.He's really no different than these realtors and landlords that are charging 3 to 4 grand a month trying to lure these cretins to their towers,except this is going to extremes.
he's taking advantage of an archaic law that sets a limit for 22 residents in an dwelling(it's in gothamist)

this weak voiced pencil neck geek must have also got the idea from that hostel in chinatown too.which maybe why he/it has the audacity to think that he can get away with it.>>>

is this what this city is coming to?with the hotels housing homeless families in single rooms and these spineless transients making it impossible to find affordable places to live.with the proliferation of bedbugs and the rats getting huger and more aggressive?

I assume the landlord of this tower wants a taste of the proceeds from that lowlife host.The Blaz better update his slumlord list,Although that greaseball ciafone was on it,but him and his wife were donors to his campaign so I'm not expecting anything action to stop these airbnb inspired parasites.

speaking of that awful website "company",one of Obama's campaign strategists just got a position to work on their promotional effort in NY.Which shows just how much these new dems care about the folks they claim to be concerned with.insidious

Joe Moretti said...

"Young Professionals" what, hookers?

Anonymous said...

Of course it's an illegal hostel....doesn't take a lot of investigating to figure that one out!

Anonymous said...

Hipsters, hipsters, hipsters!