Saturday, August 2, 2014

Secret Agent Man

From the Epoch Times:

On Oct. 1, 2009, a man the New York Times called one of New York’s “real mayors” looked down on the Chinese military as it marched past his seat on the reviewing stand in the Gate Tower of Tiananmen during the 60th anniversary celebration of the Chinese Communist Party.

That special seating area is reserved for elites of the Chinese Communist Party and key people doing United Front work.

When Michael Chu returned to New York, he told China’s state-run media, “When I watched the heroic, mighty, majestic Chinese army men uniformly marching on Tiananmen Square, when I saw the all made-in-China sophisticated weapons and equipment shown to the world, [I was so excited] as if the blood in my body suddenly is boiling up.”

Chu’s seat at Tiananmen Square was a reward. He has demonstrated his support for the Chinese regime repeatedly over the years.

Chu was one of the organizers of anti-American protests in New York after the United States accidentally bombed a Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia in 1999.

His business card says he’s the “commander” of the New York Defend Diaoyu Islands Anti-Japan Demonstrations.

Chu has engaged in similar operations through the years. In June 2008 China News identified Chu as a “loyal and committed Marxist” who continued taking part in politics when he emigrated from Taiwan to New York in 1983.

In a newspaper article about his experience on Tiananmen Square in 2009, Chu quoted favorably the words spoken by the editor of a newspaper closely linked to the Chinese Communist Party, “This lifetime’s hard work has not been wasted.”

Chu runs a free Chinese-language newspaper, the Asian American Times, which is regularly filled with criticism of the United States, praise of the Chinese Communist Party, and attacks on the Chinese regime’s “enemies.”

He has a travel agency, and is a busy man. His business card has nine titles on it.

Chu has ties to two of China’s main departments for foreign espionage and propaganda, which are directly under the command of the top levels of the Chinese regime.

In a phone call, Chu declined to comment.


Anonymous said...

Is it known if he has donated campaign contributions to any of our electeds?

Anonymous said...

I think I saw him welcoming and protesting for the new residents at the Pan American notel-motel cum slum abode last week.

Anonymous said...

Well, the NYC mayor is a communist, and so is the NY state so what's the trouble?

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt call him a spy. He is just very pro China. It seems like he is living in the wrong country.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who Michael Chu is ..

But the Epoch Times is the propaganda arm of fanatical Falun Gong? They label anyone not aligned with their beliefs as a "communist".

Anonymous said...

Communist China is so wonderful, he has to live in NY to get a better life.

JQ said...

here's another one of ny's real mayors

Deke DaSilva said...

In June 2008 China News identified Chu as a “loyal and committed Marxist” who continued taking part in politics when he emigrated from Taiwan to New York in 1983.

A "loyal and committed Marxist" who lives everywhere but Marxist countries!

Kind of like those people who whine about the United States being a "white supremacist" nation - there are a hundred or more nations under black, brown, or yellow supremacy, yet they still live here in the U.S.!

georgetheatheist said...

Fritz Kuhn lives.

Anonymous said...

The USA sucks so much that they move here.
Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Epoch Times has some decent journalism, especially compared with the NY dailies as of late.

Miles Mullin said...

This the parade from 2009.

note the goose-step at 2:30

Now these are the people that the Queens politicians are running to. A dangerous thing to do because they are totally outclassed.

Mike Francesa said...

Someone has to say it. Secret Asian Man.

Anonymous said...

He's giving you a number and taking away your name?

Anonymous said...

was not a Michael CHU WORKING FOR city cOUNCILMAN John LUI ,A WHILE AGO ?

Anonymous said...

The Epoch Times a decent newspaper? I don't think so! What is decent about quoting unnamed sources - who can say whatever the hell they want! (Just like anonymous posters I suppose!) Epoch Times: A "Chinese community leader in Manhattan, who requested to have his name withheld in relation to Chu, said,..."

Queens Crapper said...

You don't have to believe what the Epoch Times writes, but newspapers and TV news use anonymous sources all the time.