Saturday, August 2, 2014

Meadow Lake getting a food stand

From the Queens Chronicle:

It appears that new amenities for park goers at Flushing Meadows are increasing frequently these days.

Travel to the north side of Meadow Lake and you’ll find kayaks, paddleboats and bicycles for rent already. Next week, a revitalized snack bar will open in that area known as the Ederle Terrace.

It was named after Gertrude Ederle, a Flushing native, who was the first woman to swim the English Channel.

The terrace was built 10 years ago, replacing the Aquacade from the two World’s Fairs that was razed in 1996. The snack bar opened briefly but has been vacant for five years.

Baig Sedeeq of S & F Petro won the 12-year concession for the snack bar and promises it will be open by Friday, Aug. 8. That will be a busy weekend as the annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Races will ply the water Aug. 9 to 10.

The snack bar menu is still being worked on, but is expected to include hot dogs, chicken wings, french fries and ice cream. Sedeeq promises to be flexible when he sees what people ask for.

In addition, he will sell beer and wine in a separate area. Tables will be available for public use.

The snack bar will remain open through the fall. Hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Beer and wine? In a park??

Anonymous said...

What did they wait till all spring and summer to opens 1 week before the US Open starts and likely close after labor day.

Anonymous said...

What a sad state we are in, this replaced the Aquacade a historic structure of two World's Fair's that could seat thousands for concerts and had a large pool for public swimming.
The snack bar has been unused since it was built and three years ago I noticed the panel was removed from it's base and it was evident that people were sleeping in there and it there was empty liquor bottles every where. Also all the wiring was exposed and probably stripped for scrap. I told a Park's worker and he said he would check it out and it was sealed next time I passed by.
The Aquacade was demolished because it cost to much to maintain. What did this Crappy Snack Bar and promenade cost?

JQ said...

good luck trying to enforce alcohol restrictions with people barbequing south of the park.

it's only fun city for those who can afford to drink in a public park

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this the place where Knish Knosh was? If they couldn't make it, not sure how someone else will.

Anonymous said...

A Carvel stand would do great there!!!

Anonymous said...

A Carvel stand world be nice but the freaky snob granola munching tennis mob don't eat ice cream.
Its a dam shame how the city whores out OUR PUBLIC park.
They are hassling Sudesh the pretzel-soda cart cart guy over by the merry go to move OUT for 2 weeks because the USTA sub leases space to corporates selling the same (but less quality) products at 2-3 times the price.
This all sounds illegal and corrupt to me !!
WTF is New York City without real NYC pretzels, Sabrett hotdogs, cans of Coke & Mr. Softie trucks ? I cant believe the "big brother know best" shit and special interest going on EVERYPLACE on out streets

Anonymous said...

i fear the food and bottles will end up in Meadow Lake. People pollute.

Anonymous said...

If you walk out into Meadow Lake to retrieve a remote control boat or something you cant even walk. The bottom in parts is full full sludge, cans & bottles. Many dating back to the 60's. ---cheap flat "bum wine" bottles and Hep A, B & C included. Parks should be ashamed of themselves

Anonymous said...

Dumb construction here. One must climb stairs to reach the food kiosk! Is there handicap -access to it? Is Parks complying with the ADA?

Queens Crapper said...

Relax. There's a ramp in the back.

Anonymous said...

Who can relax with all of this crap going on!

Anonymous said...

Today at the Dragon Boat festival this stand was blaring obscene music at about 2 pm over its loudspeakers with scores of small children present. How nice to have to explain the F-word to my 6-year old. Stay classy, Baig Sedeeq.

Anonymous said...

This place is discusting. Rude employees!!!! Good for nothing people. Nothing that is on their menu is right. Food is discusting got me sick!!! And food is overpriced extremely. This place sucks and so does the people standing behind the counter. Lazy and rude people