Saturday, August 2, 2014

DeBlasio announces joke affordable housing initiative

From Capital NY:

Since taking office Jan. 1, the de Blasio administration has begun construction or is close to breaking ground on 8,700 units of affordable housing, officials announced at a press conference in the Bronx Wednesday morning.

The update came during an announcement that the administration, city Comptroller Scott Stringer, the non-profit Community Preservation Corporation and Citibank have created a $350 million fund to pay for 7,500 new units of affordable housing, on top of the 8,700 already underway.

The administration plans to preserve or build 200,000 new units over the next decade.

Aw, how nice! And here's an example of what "affordable housing" is considered to this administration:

Why do people in upper income brackets need affordable units set aside for them? A $2,000 1-bedroom? Take a good look at the numbers here and realize that when they say X number of units will be affordable, it really means that a fraction of X will actually be considered affordable to most people living in the area.

Affordable housing is a joke. Period. If you want to empty out homeless shelters, you'll have to build more projects or provide vouchers again. But we know that the goal is not actually to empty out the shelters or else those making tweeding money off them will be out of business.


Anonymous said...

Or - and here's a taboo - people start facing the fact that they have been priced out of NYC. Life does go on!

Anonymous said...

Basement apartments, the new affordable!

Anonymous said...

Greenpoint at $2,405 per month.

Must come with a live in Polish cleaning lady.

Anonymous said...

$1,997 for a 1BR apartment, when you can get a mortgage on a 3BR single family home in many nice parts of the city.


georgetheatheist said...

An easy solution to affordable housing and homeless sheltering:

Military style barracks and communal dining. Throw in free education, entertainment and health care. Jamaica Bay or the unpopulated wilds of Staten Island? I'm open for suggestions.

Efficiently done during WWII. Check it out here. Good, clean-living too!

I particularly like the photo gallery of Francis Stewart and Clem Albers.

Anonymous said...

The crappier the neighborhood, the lower the income you need to move there. They try to stick middle incomers three blocks away from project houses. Who wants to raise children three blocks from the pj's?

Anonymous said...

No white people need apply. Chinese will pack the house before it's built.