Thursday, June 5, 2014

Will there be singing this time?

"Thank you so much for all you have done to support my political efforts. I'm loving being Borough President and am excited about the opportunities ahead for Queens and New York City.

I'd like to invite you to a fun event benefiting a great leader and a close friend: Congressman Joe Crowley. Joe's doing a summer party at the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria on Monday June 16th at 6pm. Tickets start at just $35 per person can can be purchased online. The event coincides with the USA/Ghana World Cup match which will be on the big screen!

Come join us!"



georgetheatheist said...

Crowley for Congress . . . Malcolm X Boulevard? (Is that in the Old Dominion?)

Anonymous said...

Beer & Burgers with Crowley and Katz? BARF.

Anonymous said...

I hope they have security with them. That's kind of risky mingling with the public.

She is especially not loved. Oh wait - Curtis will protect her!!

Anonymous said...

Jeezus! does it never end?

Anonymous said...

She said: "The event coincides with the USA/Ghana World Cup match which will be on the big screen!"
- - - - - - --

Wow! what an incentive to shell out $35 for Crowley!

Anonymous said...

No shame. No shame. No respect for their constituents who are suffering at the hands of these scum politicians.

Anonymous said...

I like that - the place the party hacks tried to shut down and develop 20 years ago because of the noise (read not built upon land).

With a line up like that we should all come out to look at them - and think of the people that elected this sorry-assed lot - yup - its not the mayor or the city or Albany or Washington - the knucklehead that you usually whine about but its you, the Queens voter.

Like their leadership and their borough, stagnation and backwardness while the rest of the world blissfully continues its forward course.

PS Frankly surprised on this fundraiser - its really a picnic that Joe has for his boys paid for by your $35 contributions.

The real fund raisers are held in Manhattan with tickets costing several thousand with proceeds mailed to a box in Nassau County.

THAT crowd will not be in Bohemian Hall.

PPS Honest Joe will be giving the entitled a musical rendition that evening.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Crowley be campaigning in his hometown - Virginia?

Anonymous said...

I would rather hit myself in the head with a hammer than donate or attend this.

Anonymous said...

Knowing how cheap these bare bones fundraisers are I wouldn't be surprised if they served
E.coli burgers.

JQ said...

another party from the queef boro president.and 35 bucks a pop,they have inflated opinions of themselves don't they.

sure show the world cup match,not much pandering to the proliferation of indian and arabian people in queens right?right.

just disgusting

Anonymous said...

Queens Borough "PRESIDNET"
check the flyer

Anonymous said...

This guy Joe Crowley sounds like a horrible elected and useless as well. Let's throw a party for him now haha this is all too funny!