Monday, June 2, 2014

Return to Fabianville

I'm sure you've noticed the new title photo above. It was taken from the Metro Mall's lower parking lot. The sun was setting behind Fabianville when the photo was snapped. And then when one proceeds into the shopping center, the crapfest becomes complete.
But perhaps I just visited on a bad day...


Anonymous said...

The indoor parking lot in the ParkView mall on College Pt. Blvd is even more filthy.

It's amazing that stores such as BJ's, Best Buy and Target tolerate this. We're not talking dollar stores and check cashing places - these are big, legitimate companies.

It just really demonstrates the low-class nature of the people that shop there. To quote Mr. Moretti - these people are Third World ghetto slobs!

And could they PLEASE leave their out-of-control spawn at home???

Joe Moretti said...

Outside of NYC, I have never seen this at any big store property, only in NYC. I mean where is management on this issue?

Again this shit blows my mind, yet never ceases to amaze me. Is NYC proud of this?

No only leave your out of control spawn at home, but let's do mandatory birth control for the low-class slobs.

Anonymous said...

That is the perfect picture for Crappys front page. Looking at that row in the middle of nowhere next to a railroad track points to the third world ghetto that our pols have dictated for Queens.

No wonder Honest Joe Crowley does his fund raising with the developers in Manhattan and has sent his family to Virginia.

He gets my vote - how about yours?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo. Brings a tear to the eye of any true crappophiliac.

Anonymous said...

Has the Metro Mall rid themselves of the guys who hang out by the entrance offering to carry packages for the elderly while a confederate picks their pocketbook?

Anonymous said...

Wow so many issues at play from these photos! It is truly sad. Overdevelopment and greed are number one. No help or care from local politicians or community civics. Big corporations not doing proper maintenance and management. Come on people when is enough going to be enough. Wake up on all these issues and do something!

Anonymous said...

Correction from Anon #1 - that's the Sky View Mall - there's no park - just the fictitious one in the architects rendering!

Oh yes - a couple of million gets you a spot right across from the ghetto - the Bland houses!