Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gropez is back in business

The location: 143 St. Nicholas Avenue at Stockholm Street, close to the Ridgewood border, but just about a block into Bushwick. This used to be a coffee shop. (It moved across the street.)

Now this is the clubhouse for the Bushwick United Democrats, founded by Vito Lopez.

They even have a photo of Dear Leader Gropez on the wall. I suppose this is an upgrade from its former location.


Anonymous said...

And they had to take away the planters under the window?

Anonymous said...

It's good to be the king.

Anonymous said...

Ceausescu, the communist dictator of Romania, like all the communist dictators, had exactly the same kind of photo. At the beginning the communist dictatorships were called the Democratic Republic of, in time they become the Socialistic Republic of and died right before becoming The Communist Republic of which is the ultimate totalitarian stage (i.e North Korea). Currently the USA is the United Democratic Republic of the States of America. With Clinton will become the Socialist Republic.

JQ said...

that is a creepy shot,very ominous.A spectre from the knights of albany,still admired,and enabled by the supposed party of the people.
The Only way to end their scaly talon grip on this city and state is to start from the top.And that means getting rid of that Sellout Andrew Cuomo and get the feds after that louse Sheldon Shady.

If It means putting a hack republican upstate,well why the hell not.Cuomo and all the dems in Washington think they can play the GOP at their own taxcutting and promise breaking pandering,it be better if the real thing is in there again.

Destroy,then build again.That'll learn them all,right?

Banksy again(sorry)>>>>http://sin.stb.s-msn.com/i/59/E5A0748228A7D09C997862A16438_h408_w622_m2_q80_cJKDPrdkt.jpg

Anonymous said...

Man, people will worship ANYONE. Astounding.

Anonymous said...

I walked by and thought this was yet another hipster bar with a clever name. Thank god it's this instead.