Monday, June 9, 2014

Flushing real estate prices are out of control

From Fox 5:

"People are looking from Europe, South America and even the left coast of the United States.

If you want to stay in NYC and you want about 1000 sq ft, maybe 2 bedrooms, one bath, if you have a child or another on the way, you're paying 7 or 8 thousand dollars for a nice apartment in Brooklyn and most of Manhattan. Out here for that same thousand sq ft, how about $2800-$4000?"

Holy crap, what a bargain!


Anonymous said...

Crap buying into crap. "Most ethnically diverse" means there are "no whites living here".

Anonymous said...

This city should not allow foreigners to buy houses here. The government should regulate sales of houses in NYC.....especially considering that we have not much room to build on and that is making home prices out of control! Also, we need to start deporting more. Jackson heights and corona and woodside could be really nice areas if illegals didn't crap up the the neighborhoods. The government allows too much shit to go on in NYC. I hope it all blows up in these politicians faces one day! But for now, NYC is for the have and the have nots. You either are rich enough to buy something or rent something comfortably in NYC or you're too poor that the government pays for your section 8 and food for you. It's us "middle incomers " who are footing the bill! The poor pay no taxes and neither do the rich (they get thousands of dollars in tax write offs every year! So regardless what they say, I don't believe they pay a whole lot of taxes)!
Then the government builds these "affordable housing units" just so they can control where people live...I even checked into those and out of all the "affordable housing units " and found that most of them are only a few blocks away from project housing! They expect you to bring a child only three blocks away from pj housing? If I wanted to live in or by the projects, I would just quit my job and apply to nycha for project housing! This city sucks! And now all you sheeple hAve elected dumblasio as mayor? Good luck with that, I'm moving out in the next few months!

Anonymous said...

To quote Joe - Third World Ghetto!!!

Filthy, broke-down, filled with illegals and really, really dangerously bad drivers!!!

Lots of hookers and abused puppy-mill pocket dogs!!!!

Fedders buildings with Chinese metal or white plastic 6' fences at the property line!

People going through your garbage (shades of NYC Bowery bums circa 1970s).

Now - why exactly would anyone want to move here?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that, I'm moving out in the next few months!

Sounds like a rant written by a politician's hack - on this blog as common as postings you see elsewhere on how someone's mom made $25,000 part time at home shopping.

Message to politicians: we are not going anywhere because the rest of the country is getting as messed up as NYC.

And its YOUR fault!

Anonymous said...

If a change of anything other than more Asians coming to Flushing or Queens, i'll take it! The streets will be cleaned up and the service will shift to different demographics other than the Asian. Afterall this is America and Flushing could use some form of American pride and English signs, like it once had.

Anonymous said...

take the money and run, go to a tax friendly state ,let then have the cesspool they have made.

ha said...

Asian gentrification is most annoying but im guessing it pays the bills.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous # two where are you moving to ?

Anonymous said...

As someone who lives near downtown Flushing, what are they talking about?

$2000-4000 for a 2bd/1ba at 1000sqf, and that's a deal? What's the catch? I'm gonna guess the location is too far from any public transportation, shops, and human beings.

The last thing Flushing needs is more people. People that trash the area, raise rents to outrageous prices, and basically are muscling anyone who isn't Asian out of the neighborhood. I've seen this firsthand.

Anonymous said...

Third priciest district in the city