Saturday, January 11, 2014

Woodside school extension to be built on schoolyard

From Brownstoner Queens:

Just a few hours ago, local pols, the School Construction Authority and IS 125 students gathered to announce the new 600-seat annex slated for the intermediate school in Woodside. The new annex will replace the dilapidated trailers which are currently located on the playground. The expansion will help alleviate overcrowding, as the school is at 123 percent capacity.

So the DOH complains that kids these days are out of shape, yet DOE finds it acceptable to build on top of schoolyards. And EDC gives vacant land away to developers for $1 so they can build more housing that will cause more overcrowding at local schools, while SCA buys occupied land for millions of dollars to demolish existing structures and site new schools. The lunatics have taken over the asylum, and idiot community members smile for the cameras next to tweeder pols, because all of this is apparently a good thing.


flop lop said...

keep piling them in..more people...more..more..more..more..quality of life down the shitter!!!

Anonymous said...

How about encouraging people to have FEWER CHILDREN!!!!!

Take a walk around Main Street or Jackson Heights, Corona or Elmhurst - the number of babies having babies is appalling!!!!!

I don't care whether they're anchor babies or not - these uneducated immigrants must stop overburdening our social services with their spawn!!

I feel sorry for the kids of these people - they're doomed because of their parents' stupidity and selfishness.

There must be a humane way to disincentivize this out-of-control reproduction!!!!

J said...

look at the facial expressions on those kids,its might be a good thing that they become cynical at a young age.

and the social decay debris from the funsize mayor's policies and favors to real estate predators begin

joe said...

"Have fewer children".....maybe your mother should have had less children. That's a pretty stupid comment that circumvents the real issue; overdevelopment.

Anonymous said...

This guy Stonwall Van Bramer sent out a big email to everyone about all the work he is doing.

Bullshit. No one believes it in his district (except the clueless hipsters.) We are furious that no one was permitted to run against him.

Four more years of this ladder climbing publicity hog. What an arrogant pr*ck.

This man is a friend of the library board of developers including Upzone Stamatiades the Hotel King of Dutch Kills.

Van Bramer is wedging several schools in the middle of blocks with no room for playgrounds (except on the roofs!)

The community boards, the Queens weeklies, and the sheeple that smile in these photos are destroying Queens.

This has to stop.


Anonymous said...

Is that Debra Markell hiding there? My she sure does get around doesn't she

Anonymous said...

I know 1, 2, or a lot of unsold, unused condos that could be schools.

Jon Torodash said...

"We are furious that no one was permitted to run against him."

Nonsense. None of you stood up and tried. No one was prohibiting you.

Joe said...

Just like Ridgewood JHS 93, they not only added 1 floor "bastardizing" the whole building but built fugly bland box's atop BOTH the schoolyard and gym.
Baztardized the old library across the street as well. All the books and German carpentry tossed in the dumpster. Preverts now do polish porn and Craigslist whores on LCD screens as children play with finger paint, crayons and glue.
Talk about a triple feature FREAK-SHOW !!

Anonymous said...

Keep going nyc government. ...keep catering to foreigners and their anchor babies! American children are getting dumber because of the can you learn anything if there are 36 other kids in the class? Not to mention most of their parents are uneducated.....we live in a society that "I no speak english" is now acceptable! Congratulations nyc government for running us completely Into the ground!

Anonymous said...

How about encouraging people to have FEWER children.....well poster number 2, Americans in general are having fewer children, it's the illegals who want to suck our tax system dry who have more than 4 children! They don't know what financial stability means....This is why we have such a high poverty rate! In general though, reports do claim that people around the world in general are having less children these days ! The world population isn't growing as fast as it use to.

Ned said...

Encouraging people to have FEWER children wont help because of 3 primary facts I will address as follows.

1-The people that are the problem are not capable of controlling or bettering themselves.
2-In places like Los Angeles, Nevada and New York City bad irresponsible behavior is highly rewarded.

3-We all know who the main culprits are. To avoid being called a racist (not that I give a shit) I will just say 95% of Aztl├ín was a decadent bloodthirsty society’s sometimes so extreme that its ultimate sexual energy was its pursuit of death. There’s nothing in that history for me that leads me believe otherwise. This includes romantic calendars and BS you see in Mexican restaurants with the naked Aztec with the feathers coming out the head, and the Aztec princess at his knees. Nothing of that is convincing to me. Liberals call it progress, however the truth is our young "new people" now see the American dream as a big handout that's become our nightmare.
In many ways multiculturalism and Progressive Liberalism is a false bullshit romance (a sickness perhaps) that Americans are brainwashed with not only in college's but NOW starting in kindergarten.
Lets not not exclude every TV network pushing gay, transgender or purple cartoon characters, single moms, teen moms, gypsy moms, the Pope & Catholic Church pushing "welcome the stranger" and no birth control beliefs.
Now you have well programmed and trained sheep perpetually electing liberal progressive democrat asshole magnets out to mold more sheep and blue donkeys.


J said...

last post:

what happened to you,Flanders?


Anonymous said...

Ned is being unequivocal and I like it !

Anonymous said...

What do transgenders have to do with uneducated immigrants having too many children?

I don't understand your poorly-written, stream-of-consciousness rant Ned - sorry!

How about financial incentives to have fewer children? I can't imagine how anything could work because you can't punish existing children because of their stupid mothers.

How about a cash bonus with every condom purchase or abortion - ha ha - that would really fly with all the so-call "good Catholics"!

Anonymous said...

Stop the welfare and you will stop the babies. Unfortunately they are future Dem voters so it ain't happening.

Ned said...

Financial incentives to have fewer children?
Typical ludicrous liberal solution comparable to giving free cash to drug addicts to stay clean. It’s also un-enforceable. The only solution is stop rewarding bad behavior and educates the sheep to stop electing asshole magnets who believe Government intervention in the management of social institutions and law-making is for the good of everyone, regardless of their social or economic position. That’s pure bullshit and proven a disaster (Obamacre for example)
The problem is the hippie liberals we laughed at in the 60’s & 70’s now control most the education systems, election complains, TV and print media. These dirty self imposed educators simply get rid of people not on board with the “programming” aimed at turning American into another socialist run shithole like Canada, Sweden or France with its 70% taxes for the working class.
Look what A&E tried to do with the Robertson family when the CEOs realized viewers were taking the show, the guns, moral content and dinner prayers seriously and not the dumb redneck joke A&E intended.


Purple Dancer said...

Hate.....125q has decent children that give back to society. You just insulted all of the teachers who work or have worked there. Prejudice is never the answer. And your boy Trump is going to get rid of