Sunday, January 5, 2014

Proposal to revitalize the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway

Hi Crapper,

I dont know if you are familiar with the Motor Parkway but decades ago the section from Winchester Blvd to Little Neck Parkway was torn down. (The remaining portion to the east of LNP is now known as 74th Ave).

I have an idea on how to restore (as much as one can) the sections of the Motor Parkway that ran through Creedmoor, the Frank Padavan Campus of the Queens School and the Farm Museum. It would be an opportunity to right a historic wrong and bring back a bit of Queens borough history.

Essentially since all these properties are government owned, the only thing keeping this area from becoming a pedestrian, running and bike path like the rest of the Motor Parkway is government inertia. I've tried several times to get Queens politicians to pay attention to my idea, but I've always gotten the polite brush off. So I recently built a website and online petition to get their attention.

Additionally - the reality is left to their own devices the politicians will continue to sell off Creedmoor piece by piece. However, if people could travel through these lands (rather than see them as an obstacle) then they would develop an affection for them and slowly selling off Creedmoor piece by piece would no longer be possible.

I'd love for any feedback you have on this idea.

- Joby


Anonymous said...

Nobody's wants a foot or bike path in the backyard leading to a "hood" of undesirables.
Especially them Long Islanders who moved out of Queens to escape NYCs urban refuse and crime.
The east part of that LIMP old row leads all the way past Shelter Rock Road behind peoples expensive homes
---It will never happen because the Town of North Hempsted, NHP Italians & North Shore Tower Jewish will all raise WW-III.

Anonymous said...

i have a car too but i'd rather this be a park than another highway

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea.
I use it and so do hundreds of other Queens residents for biking, jogging and walking. It's a slice of nature through the urban landscape.

Anonymous said...

Really nice running / walking / biking path. It's a shame the city doesn't feel the same way. Why does the city permit and why is the operator of the Alley Pond Park Tennis Center allowed to leave their two overflowing uncovered rat infested garbage dumpsters in the middle of the path behind the tennis bubble.
If the city or any of our elected officials cared about our park this would not be happening.
Parks Department said "it's not there dumpsters" and the operator of the tennis center said " These dumpster have been here for over 10 years and that's where they go."
Look for yourself right behind the tennis bubble. Overflowing garbage dumpsters. Great way to be greeted as soon as you enter the park.

Joe said...

LOL if this jogger guy only saw Forest park by the golf coarse parking (the former Lovers lane)
Holy crap it looked like Jamaica last time in mid August.
Condoms, cigg butts, garbage, needles, cans, plastic containers, flies, rotting garbage & leaves overflowing the trash cans you name it. Its been the same stuff festering on the ground for over a year or more.
I doubt a cleanup truck and taxpayer paid for crew has been in since the west end of the road was been closed off with barricades.

Anonymous said...

The Motor Parkway path looked beautiful yesterday. It's one of the nicest places in the whole city.

Anonymous said...

I signed the petition last night.
Come on QC readers do something good for Queens and sign up. As of Monday morning 65 more names are needed.

Anonymous said...

Yes it does look beautiful. Imagine if the city actually cared.

Anonymous said...

I was curious about the feasibility of this as a running path and i drove on winchester blvd., north of union turnpike just past entrance to creedmore and found the starting point. It looks like it goes west, crosses over clearview expressway, progresses a bit further west then turns north again towards the LIE. How safe is this pathway?