Friday, January 10, 2014

Politicians sweat the small stuff, ignore major issues

We are fortunate to live in this great America where we can express freedom of speech our (first Amendment rights).

It is unfortunate that the politicians can ignore voters' living conditions.

The outrage should be on South Jamaica's horrendous, unhealthy, oppressive conditions where mostly blacks live. For those who care about our health and well-being, here is how you all can help.

Call Mr. La Mura at (718) 286-2908. He is the liaison to Borough President, Melinda Katz.

Call Ms. Helena E. Williams at (718)558-8252. She is the president of LIRR. The trestle walls are covered with mold.

Don't forget Comrie/deputy for Katz. Comrie, former Councilman for 12 years in South Jamaica.
- Pamela Hazel


Anonymous said...

South Jamaica has always been a mess....The politicians don't give a crap about you if you are not a foreigner or illegal .....politicians have turned their backs on their actual citizens and their attitudes towards the citizens is "oh you can do it yourself" . They don't care if walls are rotting on buildings that actual citizens live in. When we complain, it's ignored but when some foreigners or illegals live in those buildings and complain, the government stops everything to help them. So sorry to say if you're not an illegal or foreigner, no politician will come to your aide.

Joe Moretti said...

You go Pamela and tell the truth. Amazing that the people in Jamaica will condemn what I say due to my language or how I say something or offend someone, yet will totally ignore the major issues that have destroyed the community of Jamaica.

So they seem to have an issue with what I say, but not an issue to the conditions of Jamaica. Something is very wrong with this community.

Joe Moretti said...

Illegals or foreigners really don't complain.

Kurtlove666 said...

Unfortunately, ALL politicians are guilty of what I like to refer to as their "typical bullshit". Case in point- for YEARS after the 9/11 tragedy, there were police and military personnel empty lot. And this was championed by Bloomy and Christine Quinn and many others. Punishing legal gun owners by making it harder to legally own a gun in one of the most insane things I have EVER heard of, but look how many of our local politicos jump on that bandwagon. The crimes are NOT committed by legal gun owners, but it is easier to give the illusion of actually doing something to "protect" society than it is to say "we can't stop gun crimes, but we can pretend to". De Blasio has his hands full after vowing to "end all deaths by auto accident"-I'm sure we are going to see a LOT more red-light cameras and speed monitors(a.k.a. "cash machines for the city") and speed humps and speed bumps dedicated to ending something that will NEVER end. If you are looking for someone to close the barn door well after the horses have galloped into the sunset, look no further than New York City's political body.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for a picket line, on the public sidewalk, in front of Comrie's house in St. Albans.

Anonymous said...

But you keep voting for these idiots. And to make matters worse it's always the same party. So who cares?

Anonymous said...

They know that they will constantly be voted into whatever office they seek so why should they care about any of us. Our nee mayor is exactly correct about his tale of two cities, the political insiders and everyone else

Anonymous said...

Joe - illegals and foreigners complain all the time! Why do you think the government is trying to push through this travesty of an amnesty bill? I just finished reading an article where 16 illegals sued this one guy in Arizona just because they trespassed on his property and he pointed a gun at them! They complain alot more than you think! Don't let them fool you!

this was written in 2009.....copy and paste that in the Web browser and you will see the truth about what the government does to their own citizens!

Ned said...

Waste of money and resources.
You could send a crew of 4000 worker's to clean up South Jamaica, spend millions $$. Within 2 weeks it be a mess again. The problem is the inhabitants are slobs who will forever live like a bunch of animals.
Why do aging Kennedy liberals (the assholes who brought us the 1965 immigration, welfare and Civil rights acts) and there children continue to live in that place then complain?

I loved Richard Nixon from the first televised debate at Whittier College. Nixon would always be defeated by Harvard College [JFK]. I knew that the 'game' was fixed just like all of the elections and debates today. And I knew that in the same years that I was going to "professional" wrestling and NASCAR matches — that the whole thing was fixed and scripted.
Columbia University, the New York Times, the Dailey News and all the other media rags were all in cahoots — Result :
Kennedy wins a Pulitzer Prize for a book he never written as well as wins the election.
Same shit with NY mayor John "come and get it" Lindsay back then and same shit today with DeBlasio (or whatever this pinko's real name is).
I say let New York City sheep voters (especially S Queens) suffer and enjoy there Democrats and immigrant coloreds. The cesspool they have fashioned with there stupidity will perpetually be the punishment they deserve.


Joe Moretti said...

ANON states: Waste of money and resources.
You could send a crew of 4000 worker's to clean up South Jamaica, spend millions $$. Within 2 weeks it be a mess again. The problem is the inhabitants are slobs who will forever live like a bunch of animals.


I agree the people there are slobs, but the problem is the city is not even bothering to attempt to clean up the area to even see if it reverts back, they don't even bother and that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

The Jamaica BID needs to initiate a neighborhood cleanup initiative that goes beyond Jamaica Avenue.
They need to foster a good neighbor program that benefits the ENTIRE community. It can't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Of cause its the immigrants fault not the crooked politians you keep voting in.