Monday, March 4, 2013

Paul Vallone continues to deny his past as a lobbyist

From the Times Ledger:

Community Board 7 is asking the state attorney general to investigate how unauthorized soil was dumped on a waterfront lot in Whitestone where a luxury housing development is planned, TimesLedger Newspapers has learned.

The board sent a Feb. 20 letter to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman requesting a probe into whether or not toxic material was illegally transported to the 13-acre vacant site, known as Waterpointe, where the construction of 52 homes is planned.

That soil was transported under the auspices of Massachusetts-based consulting company EBI Consulting and Whitestone-based contractor Barone Management. The two companies were cleaning the site of historic contamination as part of the state Brownfield Cleanup Program, in which private companies get financial incentives to clean sites following state Department of Environmental Conservation regulations.

The board has had several committee meetings with all concerned parties. CB 7 members Chuck Apelian and James Cervino had recused themselves from making any decisions about the process. Apelian said he had prior business relationships involving the site, and Cervino’s company was hired to import untouched soil to replace the contaminated earth. None of Cervino’s soil was questioned by the DEC.

Paul Vallone, a board member and City Council candidate, also has loose ties to the property. He is a partner in his family law firm, Vallone & Vallone, and is sometimes listed in city lobbyist databases as working for Constantinople & Vallone Consulting LLC, which was hired by the previous owners of Waterpointe in 2006 to lobby the city about the zoning of the property.

Vallone said his name is sometimes listed as a lobbyist as a technicality, since he works at the family law firm, and that he has never worked at his father’s consulting firm.

“My name has nothing to do with this project,” he said.

Ok, we went through this 4 years ago, and chrome dome still hasn't gotten it through his thick skull that no one buys his B.S. on this subject. Pictured above are the partners in the Vallone law firm. Peter Vallone, Jr. is a member of the firm. He is not registered as a lobbyist. Is he breaking the law? I doubt it. The explanation proffered by Paul has been proven to be nonsense, yet he continues to stick with it. Do you really want someone with this level of dishonesty and intellect representing you in the City Council? He's running in District 19, not 30.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Look at the exploitive opportunists and judge Lebow married to dirty Patti Harris mike's 2nd in command another oligarch nyc and Vallone, Thompson and more. Look. a miracle this article published.

Vallone denying in this biz too.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Remember huge amount slush Bloomberg Quinn shunted to brother Vallone to steal illegal 3rd term. Audit $

Anonymous said...

Political mafiosi portrait...La Famiglia Di Vallone...
dad, "rug head"...Paulie, "baldi"...Petey Junior..."sparse top". Hair club For they come.

Their silent partner is that dirty dirt dumper, Barone! It's Vallone & it together!

Who the fuck RU kidding Don Paulo!
You've been caught in the headlights, red handed!

And of course CB#7's Chuck "follow the buck" Apelian had to recuse himself.

Wasn't Charles running Vallone's political campaign last time around?

What a can of worms has just been opened.

What have you got to say on the subject Adam Lombardi?

Anonymous said...

Where's Adam Lombardi....under the table giving lip service to la famiglia?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right....Vallone & Barone are in cahoots on the dirty dirt dumping!

Chrome Dome said...

"I'm not a lobbyist.
I'm just hanging around the cool lobby, and waiting for the Mister Softee truck to come by.
It's a hot day in Political Land".

Anonymous said...

And Atilla the Hun was a kindly soul!

Anonymous said...

Adam is in the front, but below camera range.

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m-m...."estates and elder law planning"....
isn't that where a lot of shady sheister mouth pieces steal money from old ladies?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Paul V the lying lobbyist...can't wait to read about this on, where dishonest politicians are exposed and held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Steve Behar exposed Vallone as a fraud in 2009.

Peter said...

Check out this quote
" Vallone said his name is sometimes listed as a lobbyist as a technicality, since he works at the family law firm, and that he has never worked at his father’s consulting firm."

Is that the best line of bulshit this snake can muster?
If you are a "partner" that means you are responsible. YOUR name is on it because you are a partner.

His quote is insulting to say The least. He really believes that the people of district 19 are stupid and are going to believe his lies.

As for the Dwarfe who fancies himself as the future hand of the king. There is no way his bogus queens politics blog will go near this. He is already being bitch slapped for opening up this can if worms in the first place by trying to tie it to Avella.

If Adam were a true community activist like others that Paulie blocked on Facebook for asking him to comment on the Whitestone dumping and calling him out in his side step of the issue (Al Centola). Adam would be a man of integrity and do what he demands of others. He would call on the vallones to come clean and explain themselves.

The new owners of this property includes Barrone. So what had changed?

As a registered Democrat, Graziano has my vote for the primary.

Anonymous said...

This is why I am writing in AL CENTOLA FOR CITY COUNCIL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why would you write in Al Centola when he is not running and has no desire to? Paul Graziano is who you should be voting for.

Anonymous said...

Vallone is knee deep in this and has his hands in the former Whitehouse deal as well. Don't sleep on that one Paul V is working behind the scenes with promises of " just wait till I get into office". You have been warned.

Paulie Peanuts said...

People pay me to influence the votes of politicians ... but I'm not a lobbyist ... so I don't know why they pay me.

Anonymous said...

It's that funny cigarette smoking Centola....JEEZ....write in candidate maniac again. You've really got some obsession to be boring us with the same old rap so very often.

AL AIN'T RUNNIN', FELLA. Let it alone!
If you've got such a woodie for Al, ask him out on a date.

Anonymous said...

Go on Adam, kiss the padrone's ring...whatever.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right.
That persistent Centola write in freak is an obsessive compulsive.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the other guys but I'm advocating for an Al write in because he is ahead of the issues and on the right side of them. He does what he does for our communities and nothing else. He's fought off a fake civic group, a hired lobbist, and for no personal gain.

He has called out Halloran and proved him to be wrong and lying several times. He's called out Paul Vallone on he illegal dumping, and even called vallones involvement in the Barrone property as far back as 5 years ago at one of his civics board meetings.

Check out all the paper articles and all the stuff right here on Q.C. Al is the genuine thing. That's why I want to push the WRITE IN AL CENTOLA CAMPAIGN. Al has told me himself he doesn't want to run and feel he can do more good advocating. I disagree. I think we Need more guys like Al in office.

Now if Al tells me his backing someone for city council well then ill probably vote for them. Reluctantly of course.

Don't get me wrong Graziano is a good guy but he already ran once and well he's a little too close to Avella for my taste. Don't misunderstand I like Avella for BP but I think we need a fresh body who isn't tied to anyone.

My 2$

Anonymous said...

do not vote for this crook ,hes just like his father

Anonymous said...

So what happens with the Centola write in campaign?

Al winds up scoring 20 votes?
Very effective strategizing on your part, fella.

I'm writing in Batman. He's a champion of justice who also fights for his community, Gotham City.

Alfredo C said...

Ok people.

I thank everyone who has expressed that level of confidence in me. However, at this time I am not running for any office. I know who I won't be voting for and as of right now there is one candidate who Ithink will do what is right for the constituents.
I am not endorsing anyone yet. I will keep a close eye on all and make a final decision soon.

Again thank you for your endorsement and vote of confidence.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Al, you are great at doing your job exactly where you are. I salute you for exposing these shady, pardon my French, douche bags.