Monday, March 4, 2013

149th Street down the sewer

"In late 2010, at the intersection of 149th Street and 33rd Ave in North Flushing, four of the sewer catch basins on my corner were replaced, reason unknown, and by August 2011 the grass and dirt between the curb and sidewalk collapsed and created a large enough hole for someone to fall all the way down into the bottom of the catch basin, especially when the metal curb piece shifts away.
It was reported by my neighbor 3 times and myself 2 times. In January 2013, a car with "Premier Utility Services" showed up, blasting Latin music, to mark up the street, curbs and some sidewalks on all 4 corners and intersection in red and yellow paint marking electric and gas lines. The workers told me it was to fix this corner's catch basins. Nothing more has been done yet, as of this writing. Let's see what happens.

BTW, this street was repaved in April of 2011, after these basins were installed. So now the newly paved street will probably get torn up and have a patch." - Frustrated in Flushing


Anonymous said...

Ive noticed many catch basins in different parts of queens that have large holes are caved in or or clogged. Ive called 311 and if they do ever get around to fixing it the repair is so substandard a few months later its broken again.

Anonymous said...

Guess what...the 16,369 Lb concrete catch basin was delivered yesterday, and today a contractor's truck deliverd construction barrels and gates. With the snow storm coming and Thursday being the alternate side parking day, I'm curious what day they will do the work to install the new concrete catch basin.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but you live in Queens. You're not the Manhattan priority. Sorry to say