Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Smith makes deal with the GOP

From the NY Post:

Queens Democrat Malcolm Smith is joining forces with Republicans in a new coalition to run the fractured state Senate, the Post has learned.

In a stunning move, Smith, the former Senate majority leader, will join the Independent Democratic Caucus, which includes four other renegades who will help keep the GOP in charge.

“Senator Smith is pleased to be part of this agreement,” said his spokesman, Hank Sheinkopf. “Senator Smith supports the bipartisan coalition that will allow Albany to function and provide real results.”

Smith attended Manhattan GOP Chairman Dan Isaac’s holiday party last night.

Ironically, Smith was deposed as majority leader in 2009 when two Democrats, Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate, bolted to the GOP. The ensuing power struggle paralyzed the already dysfunctional Senate.


Anonymous said...

This isn't a shock. If this deal doesn't work out, Skelos will cut a deal with some other guys. In Albany, power is more important that principles in both parties.

Anonymous said...

Smith wants to run for mayor as GOP