Sunday, December 9, 2012

Service line protection provider for sewers

From Bayside Patch:

State Sen. Tony Avella, D-Bayside, said he was pleased that the city had procured a service line protection provider to offer coverage to water and sewer customers in the event of a service line break.

But the senator also warned that other service line protection providers that are offering coverage at significantly higher rates.

Last year, the senator called on the city’s Department of Environmental Protection to ease the financial burden on homeowners who were forced to pay for repairs to breaks in their connection to the city’s water main. He argued that the agency should fix the breaks since the connections were underneath the city’s streets.

Avella said he was informed by the DEP that American Water Resources has been selected as its protection program provider and that its plan to relieve homeowners from paying for breaks will begin in 2013.

Under the city’s program, American Water Resources will offer a $3.99 per month fee for water line coverage and $7.99 for sewer line coverage. Customers would be charged for the services on their regular water and sewer bills.


Anonymous said...

I'm buying it with my next bill !
Thanks Tony !

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