Friday, December 7, 2012

New museum exhibit highlights World's Fair

From the Daily News:

A new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York that opened Wednesday provides a view into that time when dishwashers and toasters were considered exotic and a wise-cracking, cigarette-smoking robot enchanted millions.

The exhibit, which examines all six fairs of the era, is a travelling show from the National Building Museum. But the Museum of the City of New York dipped into its vast archives — including Kodachrome slides and original design drawings — to expand the experience for visitors.

Along with photos and drawings, the exhibit includes pavilion models, guidebooks and modernistic lamps and chairs.

One highlight is a full-scale replica of Elektro the robot, who dazzled fair audiences at the Westinghouse Pavilion.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't having another world's fair at Flushing Meadows be awesome?

Anonymous said...

And lose money on another one again?
Let the Chinese build it. Floo-shing is their colony now!

Joe said...

It would be great to have another one but good luck getting venders.

FMCP is a "union house"
You would still have all the same mobbed up "father and son" unions who raping the venders just like they did in 1964.
$440 to clean out 4 trash cans was a lot of money back then.

Its one of the main reasons the New York State Pavilion cant get a savior today!
Who the hell is going to invest $90 million dollars restoring a building only to be told at who and how many are gonna run it.

The last tenant back in the 70's (a friend of my grandfathers) was beaten half to death over not "hiring" enough unnecessary sweepers and electricians.
They killed his dog, put a cement block on its leash and threw it off the bridge into the pond !!

Anonymous said...

Joe, you could write a great mob novel!