Monday, December 10, 2012

Mold found at Belle Harbor school

From the NY Post:

Department of Education officials found mold and asbestos in a storm-damaged Queens school that last week was cleared for students to return — but only after parents insisted that the officials check.

It took scores of complaints from parents and meetings at the school before officials agreed to conduct tests for moisture and other hazards at PS 114 in Belle Harbor, which had been shut for more than a month after Hurricane Sandy.

Late yesterday, DOE officials quietly posted findings of subsequent tests online showing that areas of mold and asbestos in the auditorium and a nearby stairwell require removal.

Additionally, two of 14 water fountains showed elevated levels of copper.

In a letter to parents, Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm committed to removing the mold and asbestos over the coming two weekends.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is talking about mold.

No one is talking about the potential cancer risk from a community being bathed by Newtown Creek.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Mold and corruption
can also found in the Bloomberg administration.

Let's remediate both problems--QUICKLY!
It's time to dump that half pint Bonaparte!

Why just sit around and bide our time, until Mike's 3rd term is over?

Anonymous said...

"elevated levels of copper" any public water fountain that is unused for a few days will have metal ion buildup.

Anonymous said...

Anyyhing that remains wet more than eigteen hours is at risk for mold. Cleaning is not enough, because the spores remain and spew forth as a respiratory toxin.