Thursday, December 6, 2012

Civic Virtue vote was pretty shady


Jerry Rotondi said...

A lot of such votes in Queens are often pretty shady.

This is a borough where sunlight rarely penetrates through the dense foliage of government!

Back room back stabbings are a common practice at Queens borough hall.

georgetheatheist said...

I ask again, if this magnificent Piccirilli Brothers-carved statue is "anti-woman" as some have "argued", how does that reputation disappear by placing it in a cemetery? What magical incantation removes that "infamy"?

How do we know that the two sirens are even women? What woman do you know has the lower half of a fish? And they could even be interpreted as transgender/transsexual. Maybe as recipients of "sadistic" pleasure. "Bottoms" perhaps? How come the LGBT community hasn't weighed in on this?

Hands off Civic Virtue!!!

Missing Foundation said...

I think there was a REASON that LaGuardia sent something called "CIVIC VIRTUE" to sit in front of Queens Borough Hall.

Might explain its disdain and neglect by the current group that runs things in these parts.

On the other hand getting rid of this work and replacing it a monument walk that likely starts out with Queen Catherine doesn't speak too well of them either.

The world HAS moved on, Queens, and frankly where ever you happen to be now, no one really cares.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in the country is laughing at Queens. You take a masterpiece and throw it in a graveyard.
All the rest of the things that go on, (politically ) that you think nobody knows, just makes everyone laugh harder.
Its amazing how things their have gone. Nobody has t anything to worry about in Queens, except destroying some of its best artwork?
Its funny, very sad but very funny.

Anonymous said...

I've got news for you buddy.
The rest of the country doesn't even know that Queens even exists!

AND...If they did....they couldn't care less about it.

Anonymous said...

Babble babble, babble!

WTF are you talking about Missing Foundation?
WTF has Queen Catherine got to do with all this?

I think that Missing Foundation is missing some brains!

Anonymous said...

This argument has been going on for too damn long already!

A work of art goes to where it gets preserved the best!

When Lord Elgin "moved" the sculptures from the Parthenon pediment in Greece, to the British Museum, it was a godsend!

Left there...the Turks would have destroyed it all.

If Queens has left Civic Virtue to rot and crumble, then that masterpiece is better off in Brooklyn...'s restored and WELL cared for.

Take the subway to Kings County and see it there!

Maybe Greenwood can offer us a fiberglass replica after Civic Virtue is restored.

Anonymous said...

We need Michael Perlman to take this up as his latest crusade to save Queens' history.

Anonymous said...

Why do you speak so sadly of a masterpiece about to be thrown into a graveyard?

You're missing the point old boy.

of lost monuments and demolished (could have been) landmarks...thanks to our borough hall barbarians!

Rego-Forester said...

Civic Virtue does not depict a nude man standing over 2 women. The figures are an allegorical representation of Greek mythology. Hercules stands over but not on top of 2 female sirens symbolizing vice and corruption, which Civic Virtue denounces in society. Some politicians cannot bear passing it en route to Borough Hall. Just examine the track record of those who had to step down in recent years due to their shattered oath not long after being elected to public office. This is a peaceful statue designed by the world-known Frederick MacMonnies, who was the last major American Beaux Art sculptor. Civic Virtue is public art that belongs to & in Queens. On behalf of the citizens of Queens who wish to secure its future where it has sat for 71 years, it is unethical behavior by Department of Citywide Administrative Services, the NYC Design Commission, and select "public servants" to concoct a deal to transport Civic Virtue to the privately-owned Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. This was not agreed upon by the Queens constituency. We pay our fair share of taxes. Join